How To Assemble A Car On The Control Panel

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How To Assemble A Car On The Control Panel
How To Assemble A Car On The Control Panel

Video: How To Assemble A Car On The Control Panel

Video: How To Assemble A Car On The Control Panel
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Nowadays, not only children play cars. Many adults collect small replicas of real cars or buy radio-controlled models. However, there are not always options on store shelves that can suit your needs. In this case, it is best to assemble the machine on the control panel with your own hands. How do you do this?

How to assemble a car on the control panel
How to assemble a car on the control panel

It is necessary

Chassis, wheels, a set of small screwdrivers, instructions for accessories, electric motor, housing


Step 1

Self-assembly of the machine on the control panel has several advantages. Not only will you save money, but you will also be able to make exactly the typewriter you want. First of all, decide on the amount you are willing to spend. The range of spare parts and types of machines is very large, the range of prices is also very large. When the amount is determined, then start developing a small building plan. Decide which car you want. You can do it simply on a wired control panel, or you can use a radio control, which will cost a little more.

Step 2

Choose a chassis for your future car. Now you can find a huge number of different chassis, and they are all interchangeable. When buying, pay attention to the quality of the parts. There should be no blotches or chipping on plastic parts. The front wheels should turn easily. Wheels are usually sold with the chassis. They should also be given a lot of attention. It is best to buy casters with rubber, since plastic ones have very poor adhesion to the surface.

Step 3

The next step is motor selection. This is the most important step as you choose the heart of your future car. The dynamics and technical characteristics of the future model will largely depend on it. There are two types of motors for the models - electric and gasoline. Electric motors are unpretentious in maintenance and have a relatively low price. They are very economical as they are powered by rechargeable batteries. Gasoline engines are more powerful, but they are more expensive and require careful maintenance. And special fuel has a significant price. If you are new to modeling, then feel free to choose an electric motor. You will save money and time.

Step 4

Now you need to decide what type of control will be - wired or wireless. Wire control is cheaper, but the car will only roll within a radius equal to the length of the wire. The radio unit costs a little more, but allows you to drive the car within the antenna coverage distance. It is best to overpay a little and buy a radio unit. Also think about the body of your car. On the shelves of the store, you can find cases of almost all modern car models. You can also make a body according to your own unique sketch.

Step 5

Now you need to collect all the components. Take the chassis and attach the motor and radio unit. Install the antenna. Together with the components, you should be sold the assembly instructions, in which you can find in detail the connection diagram of the parts. Install batteries and antenna. Adjust the motor. When everything is in sync, attach the car body to the chassis. Now all that remains is to decorate the car to your taste.