How To Glue A Boat

How To Glue A Boat
How To Glue A Boat

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During operation, the boat shell can be damaged (scratches, punctures, etc.). This kind of damage should be repaired in a timely manner. If it is small, you can do the repair yourself at home.

How to glue a boat
How to glue a boat

It is necessary

  • - patches;
  • - glue.


Step 1

To start gluing the boat, first thoroughly dry the damaged area, as well as the compartment inside. Degrease the area and around it with acetone. Prepare a rubber patch (do not use an awning material for this, it does not seal). The size of the workpiece must exceed the size of the damage by 30-40 mm in all directions. Make the edges of the patch rounded along the contour, then also degrease it with acetone and mark the place of its position on the damaged area.

Step 2

There are two ways of gluing. On both surfaces to be glued, apply two layers of glue, drying it well between each application for 10-15 minutes. 10 minutes after applying the second layer (the glue should dry slightly, but not lose its stickiness), apply the patch to the damaged area, and then roll it with a rounded object on a flat, hard surface.

Step 3

Do the same as in the first method, only dry the second layer of glue until it loses stickiness, then apply a patch and heat this place with a hairdryer before the glue starts to work. Next, roll the repair site with good effort so that no wrinkles appear. Never use open sources of fire for heating! Remember that you can fill the boat with water 3-4 hours after the repair, but the glue will gain full strength only after a day, that is, you can use the boat 24 hours after the repair work.

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