How To Find Keys For Games

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How To Find Keys For Games
How To Find Keys For Games

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Computer games help to while away free time, albeit not usefully, but with interest. Although there are genres that are good brain exercises. The selection of games is simply huge, but not all of them are distributed free of charge. To open them, you need a special key.

How to find keys for games
How to find keys for games


Step 1

It is very good if you have a mobile phone with a sufficient amount of money in the account, since some games can only be activated through SMS requests.

Step 2

You've probably heard about the Alawar Games company. It is she who releases most of the mini-games, which have gained immense popularity among gamers in a very short time. The programs of this manufacturer have nice graphics, addictive gameplay, and easy-to-learn controls.

Step 3

Unfortunately, many of these games are distributed on the shareware principle, that is, you are given either a certain time, after which you cannot continue until you order a key, or a certain period during which you can play as much as you want. But at the end of it, you, again, will have to buy a key in order to activate. This can be done through an SMS request or electronic payment.

Step 4

Sending SMS. By clicking on the game shortcut twice with the left mouse button, you will see a window with the name of the program itself and the "Remove restrictions" button (or similar). Click on it, select the telecom operator whose services you use, send an SMS to the specified number. In response, you will receive a message with the application activation key. Enter it in the appropriate field and start the game. The restriction will be lifted.

Step 5

Payment by electronic money. It is also possible to unblock the game by using systems such as Yandex.Money or WebMoney. These virtual cash exchange services are the most popular. To pay for the game and start using it without any restrictions, select a payment system and click on the button called "Pay". After that, you will see a window with the cost of unblocking. You can start playing after transferring money from your account to the specified one.

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