How The Movie "Street Dances-2 3D" Was Filmed

How The Movie "Street Dances-2 3D" Was Filmed
How The Movie "Street Dances-2 3D" Was Filmed

Video: How The Movie "Street Dances-2 3D" Was Filmed

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In 2012, "Street Dances-2 3D", a sequel to the 2010 film of the same name, was released. Prior to that, in Britain, dance films in 3D were not filmed. This is another movie about dancing, love and rivalry between dancing teams. The film was directed by British directors Max Jiva and Dania Paskini, who had previously worked together a lot and made many successful clips.

How the movie was made
How the movie was made

"Street Dancing" is one of many films in a series of youth films about dancers. In the story, a street dancer named Ash, after losing a competition, decides to go in search of talent in Europe with his friend Eddie. Their goal is to assemble a unique team that no one can defeat.

On his journey, Ash meets the charismatic salsa dancer Eva and persuades her to go with them to Paris for a tournament. Love arises between them. In the competition, they show their best and use a mixture of Latin American dance and bottom break styles. The script includes all the standard moments from previous dance films: team rivalry, betrayal, a romantic story, the victory of the team of the main characters in the final battle.

The main characters Ash and Eve were played by Falk Henschel and Sofia Boutella. Sofia is of Franco-Algerian descent, is the face of Nike, and is also known as a hip-hop and street dancer. She starred in the music videos of many stars and toured with Madonna. But the Latin American style in real life was not familiar to her and she had to master it in less than two months.

Falk Henschel is a professional hip-hop dancer and actor who has performed alongside Britney Spears and Mariah Carey. He also won an Emmy for his filming on the TV series Arrested Development.

Many viewers appreciated the excellent choreography in the film. This is the merit of Anthony and Richard Talueg, who put together a tough training regime for the actors and did not allow anyone to relax. The choreographer Mikel Font was responsible for staging Latin American dances in the film. The salsa scenes were filmed for a whole week.

Choreographers Kenrick Sandy (winner of many international hip-hop competitions) and Will Tuckett (director of both classical ballet in theaters and contemporary dance in music videos) also contributed.

As for the music, the bet was made on a combination of modernity and retro, Latin and hip-hop. For the soundtrack, artists such as Wretch 32, Angel, Sunday Girl and others have recorded their compositions.

The budget of the film was £ 7 million, which helped to make it large and effective. Despite the simple and standard plot of the film, the audience highly appreciated it. This was facilitated by shooting against the backdrop of European capitals and fiery professionally staged choreography.

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