How To Draw A Fly Agaric

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How To Draw A Fly Agaric
How To Draw A Fly Agaric

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Mushrooms completely unsuitable for food can still be beneficial to humans. The bright color of the fly agaric makes it an excellent object for drawing with watercolors. Try to depict him during the open air or, if the weather does not allow, draw, focusing on the photo.

How to draw a fly agaric
How to draw a fly agaric


Step 1

Lay a sheet of A4 paper horizontally. Mark the boundaries of the object in the picture. Make the distance from the edges of the leaf to the mushroom about the same top and bottom, leave 2 times more free space on the right and left.

Step 2

Draw a vertical axis through the center of the sheet. Step back about 1 cm down from its middle - the edges of the mushroom cap will be at this level. Measure the height of the section of the vertical axis that is retracted under the cap - it should be 1.5 times longer than the leg. Divide the axis segment at the level of the head in half, draw a horizontal axis parallel to the edges of the sheet. On it, to the right and to the left, measure 2 lengths of the mushroom leg.

Step 3

Add an ellipse to the shape of the mushroom cap. The top half should be slightly smaller than the bottom. The sides of the shape should be rounded smoothly, not "flattened" too much towards the horizontal axis.

Step 4

Refine the shape of the fly agaric leg. Erase all the auxiliary lines and start coloring the picture.

Step 5

Mix cadmium orange and scarlet to fill the entire surface of the cap. Spread it evenly over the paper. While the paint is still wet, add pure orange to the right edge of the fly agaric. In the foreground, blur it where, due to the bright light, the hat looks almost white.

Step 6

Mark the concave center of the cap by gradually darkening the color. For the center, mix red, burgundy and brown. Then make a circle with a mixture of red and burgundy. To get a smooth transition of shades, apply new colors very quickly to the paper while it is still wet.

Step 7

Paint over the left half of the leg with a combination of orange, ocher and green. Use the same color to paint the falling grass shadows on the right side of the leg.

Step 8

The surface of the cap is uneven at the edge. Draw its protrusions, repeating the shape of the plates on the back, with dark orange stripes. Put white spots on the hat with dots of thick white gouache or acrylic. Since these polka dots are convex, they cast a shadow on the bonnet. Paint shadows to the left of each spot.

Step 9

Draw the grass around the fly agaric. Fill the paper with base green first. After it dries, paint the blades of grass in the foreground. To the left of the mushroom, paint a drop shadow by mixing green and dark brown.

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