How To Draw An Island With A Pencil Step By Step

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How To Draw An Island With A Pencil Step By Step
How To Draw An Island With A Pencil Step By Step

Video: How To Draw An Island With A Pencil Step By Step

Video: How To Draw An Island With A Pencil Step By Step
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The island on the canvas may be uninhabited, with a lonely palm tree. If you want, draw a drawing of an island where wild animals graze, strange birds fly, bright flowers bloom. People can live in this paradise. Depict the natives or their huts.


Palm is the main symbol of the island

Better to start with a simple image of the island. Select in which area of the sheet it will be located. You can give it a spot in the foreground, on the side, or in the middle.

Draw a horizontal oval in the selected area. If the island is round, this shape can only be seen from above. From the front, from the side, it will appear oval.

Place a coconut tree in the center. First draw 2 parallel horizontal lines. This is a schematic representation of the trunk. Let the tip bend slightly. To do this, tilt 2 straight line segments to the right or left. Start shaping the trunk. It consists of several segments, which are located one above the other.

Start at the bottom of the trunk. Draw a small horizontal line from vertical to vertical. Now, from both ends of this straight line up and slightly to the side, draw two small segments. Connect them at the top with a zigzag line. For the next segment, do not draw a horizontal line, but from the zigzag line draw 2 symmetrical ones upward and slightly to the side at once. A zigzag will connect them.

Thus, arrange the message of the trunk of the palm tree. Draw the leaves at the top. To do this, draw a semicircular line from its central upper part to the right. Connect both ends of this semicircle with a horizontal one drawn in a zigzag manner. It looks like an inverted month, which lies horizontally, and its "horns" look down. Only the lower part of the month is zigzag.

The same sheet bent over to the other side. Just below the data, depict 3 more sheets each, which bent to the right and left sides. Draw 3-6 small circles on the trunk under the lower leaves - these are coconuts.

On the ocean that stretches around the uninhabited island, draw some smooth, wavy lines. It is rolled in the wind by its water. Leave the art as it is or move on to the next stage.

The island comes alive

Let a waterfall flow in the background of this piece of land. Draw a steep mountain. It is from here that it originates. The mountain is depicted as an oval. Its lower part is straight. Water falls from the height of this oval. To convey this on the canvas, draw some vertical lines. Below, to the right and left of the waterfall, find a spot for the blossoming flowers. They can be any - large, small, with petals, in the form of bells.

Move to the foreground. Draw a local hut to the right or left. It is triangular in shape, covered with palm leaves.

Outlandish animals can roam the island. Here, the scope of imagination is endless. Draw them however you want. Perhaps such living creatures really exist somewhere on distant islands or in someone's dreams.

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