How To Choose A Hunting Rifle

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How To Choose A Hunting Rifle
How To Choose A Hunting Rifle

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Some time ago, buying a good hunting rifle was a real problem - today the arms market offers any model of rifles in a wide range. To choose a suitable hunting rifle, you need to navigate a little in its types and remember some unspoken rules when buying.

How to choose a hunting rifle
How to choose a hunting rifle

Types of hunting rifles

A hunting rifle is a smooth-bore weapon, the main purpose of which is to shoot at medium distances with shot, buckshot and other bullets. The barrels of such a gun are divided into reclining and non-reclining. Among the hunters, the most common are the tilt-back shotguns, which are prized for their simplicity and reliability, as well as quick cartridge changes.

Experienced hunters recommend purchasing out-of-gun hunting rifles for beginners, which are characterized by simplicity and quality, while in-hammer models are much more complicated.

Professional hunters should give preference to single-barreled shotguns, as they are difficult to learn to shoot with. The most popular hunting rifle is the double-barreled shotgun - its various muzzle constrictions allow you to choose the model of the gun depending on the hunting conditions. Bullet-proof automatic shotguns are ideal for beginners and professional hunters as they are unmatched in power, convenience and rate of fire, but they do require careful maintenance, precise adjustment and some kind of lubrication / ammunition.

Selection rules

When choosing a hunting rifle, remember that automatic and non-automatic single-barreled models are heavier than double-barreled models. In addition, their mechanisms are much more complicated, which significantly increases the cost of the gun - therefore, it is better to purchase a good double-barreled gun that will serve the owner for more than a dozen years. For the purchase of a single-barreled shotgun, you should contact only well-known and trusted weapon firms that guarantee the quality of their products.

Pump-action shotguns, most often made in the police version, are better not to purchase for hunting - they have a very low survivability.

When choosing a single-barreled magazine shotgun, it should be remembered that one barrel when firing with a shot will not allow you to vary the accuracy of the shot. However, if you wish, you can purchase special replaceable attachments for such a gun. As for the manufacturers, then it is best to give preference to hunting rifles produced by domestic arms factories, whose products are very popular even abroad. At the same time, many industries that make excellent automatic guns cannot boast of at least the minimum quality of their pump-action shotguns.

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