What Is Modeling

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What Is Modeling
What Is Modeling

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Video: What Is Modeling
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The term "modeling" is used in a variety of contexts. For example, modeling circle, situation modeling, clothing modeling, mathematical modeling. What do all these phrases have in common?

What is modeling
What is modeling


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Modeling can refer to both the process of creating a model and the process of using it. Given that the term "model" is ambiguous in itself, modeling can be just as multifaceted.

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When it comes to creating scale models, then the word "modeling" has a synonym - "modeling". But these terms are not equivalent even in this case. Only the hobby itself or the creative direction can be called modelism, but not the creative process carried out within its framework. Modeling in this sense of the word is seriously carried away not only by children, but also by adults. The models they make are not toys, because they are not intended for play and are not designed for it. An attempt to play with such a model often ends in failure for the latter.

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Modeling is also called the process of developing new models of clothes, shoes, accessories. The so-called fashion is created artificially and forces the fair sex, and not only them, to change clothes and shoes not as they wear out, but much more often as new models enter the market.

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Mathematical modeling is the process of identifying the laws of physical and chemical phenomena, the operation of various mechanisms, etc. and their expression in the form of a set of formulas. Then, through calculations, one can predict the behavior of a particular system for a given combination of parameters. If too complex calculations are required, they build, usually on a reduced scale, a real system that obeys the same laws, but does not always use the same phenomena, and carry out mathematical modeling with its help.

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Simulation of situations, in particular, complex and potentially dangerous, is carried out with the aim of developing algorithms for behavior if such a situation actually arises. Such modeling can also be mathematical, but not always. For example, the crews of spaceships and submarines are trained using exact copies of the interiors of these objects on the ground, and spacewalk is simulated using swimming pools, using heavy diving suits as analogs of space suits. One of the most ambitious modeling projects was the recently completed Mars-500 experiment.

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There are several derivative terms associated with the term “modeling”, which in no case should be confused with each other. A person who does modeling as synonymous with modeling is called modeling. Clothing design is carried out by a fashion designer. And the models for the production of casting molds are made by the modeler.

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