How To Sew Men's Underpants

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How To Sew Men's Underpants
How To Sew Men's Underpants

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Sewing is a very exciting and rewarding hobby. Knowing how to sew with your own hands, you can not only create outfits according to your own sketches, but also make nice gifts for your loved ones. For example, to give your husband or father original, and most importantly, do-it-yourself pants made of fabric with an unusual pattern or pattern.

How to sew men's underpants
How to sew men's underpants

It is necessary

  • - high-quality chintz or cotton in the amount of half a meter (with a width of 150 cm) or one meter (with a width of 80 cm);
  • - sewing accessories.


Step 1

If you cannot draw a pattern yourself, use any ready-made pattern for classic-cut men's panties. The main thing is to take your measurements exactly and, if necessary, adjust the pattern to the required size.

Step 2

Fold the fabric in half, and put a pattern on it, fixing it with needles or special weights. If you don't want to make a side seam on your panties, line up the halves along the side cuts. With sharpened chalk, circle the pattern along the contours, and then circle the second time, taking into account the seam allowances. After cutting, you should have two symmetrical halves (left and right legs).

Step 3

Sew the panties with a seam. Start sewing the crotch stitch, the one on the inner thigh. To do this, fold one leg part (right or left) with the front side inward, while combining two cuts (step) of the part. Cut 6-8 mm off the bottom layer and start stitching along the edge of the top layer of calico to a width of 5 mm (foot width).

Step 4

Now lay out the part on a plane in one layer and go around the upper cut with the lower protruding cut. Stitch it from the fold at a distance of 2 mm. A seam seam is easy to perform. However, before you start sewing the details of the panties, practice on the fabric so that the seam is even and does not require rework.

Step 5

Having processed both halves with such a seam, you will get two separate pants legs. They are connected along the middle seam. Turn one leg facing outward and insert it into the second leg, aligning all the cuts precisely. It is also advisable to make the middle seam with a seam seam.

Step 6

Hem the top and bottom of the panties with a closed hem hem. The top cut must be machined to leave holes for the elastic to be inserted. In this way, you can sew not only panties, but also ordinary shorts, additionally providing pockets and inserting a wider elastic band.

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