Daily Fortune Telling With Coins And Cards

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Daily Fortune Telling With Coins And Cards
Daily Fortune Telling With Coins And Cards

Video: Daily Fortune Telling With Coins And Cards

Video: Daily Fortune Telling With Coins And Cards
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Fortune telling is very exciting. Almost every person at least once in his life dreamed of looking into his future. Someone is afraid of fortune-telling, others, on the contrary, are seized by excitement and cannot resist the opportunity to learn a mysterious prediction. There are a lot of types of fortune-telling, many of them are suitable for daily use.

Daily fortune telling with coins and cards
Daily fortune telling with coins and cards

It is necessary

coin, deck of cards


Step 1

For one of the simplest daily divinations, you will need a coin and a deck of cards. To get a prediction for the coming day, remove all the cards of the diamonds suit from the deck. They will answer your questions. Lay out the chosen cards in three rows, so that the front side is hidden, "face down". Now ask a question, focus and toss a coin on the cards. The card on which the coin falls will be the long-awaited answer. Read the interpretation of the cards carefully.

Step 2

If you got a six, then you should prepare for the journey. The road will be pleasant and you will get a lot of positive emotions. Nothing bad will happen to you on the road, you can be calm.

Step 3

The 7 will remind you of your friends. Remember which of your acquaintances you have not seen for a long time, it may be worth giving them a little attention. The time ahead is ideal for meetings and socializing.

Step 4

Eight - symbolizes changes in lifestyle and attitudes. It is likely that your life lacks vibrant events and dynamics. Relax, meet friends, remember loved ones, attend fun social events. Any entertainment will do you good.

Step 5

Nine is real luck. All the things that you will undertake will surely be successful. The upcoming period is time for travel, meetings, starting new business. Take on the most daring undertakings, troubles will not bother you.

Step 6

Ten - calls for caution. If you have the opportunity, it is better to be a little alone - turn off your phone, try not to communicate with anyone for at least a couple of days. It is not always possible to do this, but vigilance still has to be shown, thereby you will protect yourself from losses and troubles. Try not to start new business, be careful with the management of funds. In a few days, everything will definitely work out.

Step 7

Jack, King, and Ace have similar card interpretations. They symbolize very successful acquaintances, trips and pleasant chores. Monetary surprises, parcels and long-awaited news are not excluded. The lady also calls for caution in dealing with people. It is likely that there are unpleasant people and envious people in your environment, from whom you should try to stay away.