How To Make Your Own Furniture

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How To Make Your Own Furniture
How To Make Your Own Furniture

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What is not available in furniture stores - you want to buy everything at once, but, unfortunately, this is not always affordable. However, there is a way out. You can make great furniture yourself. So you can make the furnishings of your home uniquely original. Plus, making furniture is a fun creative process.

How to make your own furniture
How to make your own furniture

It is necessary

Material for the manufacture of furniture, accessories, tools


Step 1

Start by preparing the room. It should be spacious and well lit.

Take a sheet of paper and draw on it a drawing of the future product. At this stage, you need to calculate the dimensions of the product, accessories, that is, hooks, handles, hinges, fasteners, glass holders, ties.

Now you can cut the templates in full size, this will help you estimate the actual size of the product and its location in the room.

Step 2

Now is the time to purchase materials. The choice is very wide. You should not save and buy good material, furniture from which will also serve your grandchildren. The best option is wood.

Step 3

Proceed directly to the process of making furniture. It is better to cut a tree with an electric jigsaw. Hand tools without skills are difficult to cope with. Now sand the cuts with a rasp or medium sandpaper.

Step 4

We recommend assembling the product using special furniture ties. Many people prefer corners, but they diverge over time. Proceed with drilling holes for shunts and ties only after careful marking. If you have to drill large holes, you must first go through the smaller diameter drill at medium speed. The assembled product should be coated. The choice of color is yours. Experienced craftsmen recommend stain and varnish.

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