How To Make A Birthday Album

How To Make A Birthday Album
How To Make A Birthday Album

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On his birthday, a person gathers friends to remember the best moments that happened to him over the past year. An originally designed birthday album - this is interesting pictures, good mood and memory of personal achievements.

How to make a birthday album
How to make a birthday album

It is necessary

  • - photo album;
  • - photos;
  • - glue;
  • - scissors;
  • - colored markers or pencils.


Step 1

Human life consists of separate unique moments that can be remembered with a smile or sadness. People tend to capture bright moments not only in memory, because it is, as you know, selective, but also in the photo. If the idea to make yourself a wonderful birthday present by decorating an album comes for the first time, serious work lies ahead. First you need to pick up an album. Think about the style in which it will be performed: playful, solemn or romantic.

Step 2

Revise your photographs starting from early childhood, there are sure to be some funny pictures that make you smile or like you the most. Do not ignore the not entirely successful ones, perhaps you can beat them by coming up with a funny plot or making a collage.

Step 3

When all the pictures that will decorate your album have been selected, try to arrange them beautifully on the sheets, looking for a good location. Start designing the album using your earliest photos on the first pages.

Step 4

Choose your style or art style for each age period. Children's photos will look interesting if pictures of flowers, toys, cartoons or funny animals are pasted or drawn next to them. For school or adolescence, cars, musical paraphernalia or other symbols that are close to you are suitable.

Step 5

Remember what emotions and feelings you experienced during the period when the photo was taken. Draw a picture with your own hand or decorate the photo with rhinestones - this is original and will capture positive emotions.

Step 6

For those who already have such an album, in which a cute baby smiles from the title page, they can make an album for their birthday using a photo of a year ago. It is performed according to the same principle, but 4 sections can be made according to the number of seasons.

Step 7

Anyone who has a desire to make an album, but does not have enough photos, can solve this problem as quickly as possible. Make a quick survey of your friends and ask them to send you photos from their phones or cameras. Your stock will be replenished with a huge number of interesting and unique pictures (the kind of which you did not even know existed), which were taken in an informal setting.

Step 8

True connoisseurs of beauty can have time to order a personal photo session by their birthday, having prepared different costumes and experimenting with makeup. Professional photographic portraits will adorn the album.

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