How To Care For A Goldfish

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How To Care For A Goldfish
How To Care For A Goldfish

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Goldfish are a species of freshwater crucian carp. They are very popular with aquarium fish lovers. However, not all of those who have a goldfish take care of it properly, although this is not difficult at all.

How to care for a goldfish
How to care for a goldfish


There is a wide variety of breeds belonging to the species of goldfish, for example, "Ryukin", "Lionhead", "Vualekhvost", etc. Some of these fish reach 25-30 cm in length, so if you decide to have such fish, be prepared for the fact that you will need a fairly large aquarium with a capacity of 100 to 200 liters. This size of the aquarium is necessary for the fish to live as long as possible. Small aquariums quickly build up ammonia, which can kill fish.

When choosing a substrate for an aquarium, remember that goldfish often burrow into it in search of food, this can cause pieces of stones to get into their mouths. If you are keeping these fish, it is advisable to cover the aquarium with large stones or very fine sand. Neither one nor the other will harm the fish. Wherever you take the soil, you need to rinse it thoroughly before sending it to the aquarium. This also applies to special primers, which can be purchased in specialized stores.

Be sure to include real aquatic plants in your tank. They will help to effectively fight ammonia and other harmful substances that accumulate in it over time. Also ensure that there is sufficient light from the lamps. Goldfish require an average of about 12 hours of light per day.

To keep goldfish, the aquarium must be equipped with a water filter. It will help keep the water as clean as possible and prevent fish diseases from harmful impurities, for example, from rotten food particles.

Habitat care

Check the water regularly for the presence of ammonia, the level should always be at zero. In addition, the content of goldfish imposes certain restrictions on the ph level of the water, make sure that this value is in the range from 6 to 8.

Try to regularly clean the aquarium of harmful particles that are not removed by the filter, do this at least once a week. If you do not drain the water to replace it, try not to remove the fish from the aquarium; use a vacuum pump to clean it. If you change the water, transfer the fish with a container, do not use a net for this.

Always prepare the water for the aquarium properly, use special conditioners for the aquarium, they help to bring the water to the desired state. Never use clean drinking water, it will lack many of the nutrients these fish need.

Feeding and disease

Try to feed your goldfish at the same time twice a day. Also note that overeating can kill these fish, so feed them small amounts. Be sure to clean the aquarium of food debris immediately after feeding.

Carefully look after the condition of the water in which the fish live. Harmful substances that accumulate in it can cause many diseases. Most often, fish are infected with various parasites that appear on the surface of the body in the form of white and red spots. If you find this, immediately isolate the fish in a separate container and keep it there until it recovers completely.

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