Zamioculcas: How To Care For A Dollar Tree

Zamioculcas: How To Care For A Dollar Tree
Zamioculcas: How To Care For A Dollar Tree

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Zamioculcas is gaining more and more popularity. It is unpretentious, does not require special attention. It is familiar to many as a dollar tree. With proper care, the plant reaches up to one and a half meters in length, with the exception of the Zamicro variety with a maximum height of 60 cm.

Zamioculcas: how to care for a dollar tree
Zamioculcas: how to care for a dollar tree

There is a belief that zamioculcas helps to increase and save finances in the house. According to feng shui, the plant should be placed in the southeast of the room, from the perspective of wealth, provided that there are 2-3 coins in the soil. Most likely, it was the common name of the flower (dollar tree) that made it popular.

How to water zamioculcas

Zamioculcas needs water as the upper earth layer dehydrates. When watering, do not allow water to accumulate in the pot. The root system of a plant is capable of retaining moisture for a long time, so the formation of excess water is unacceptable, otherwise the flower will begin to rot.

Not only the roots are able to concentrate water, the leaves also have the same properties, since they are not small and leathery. Proper watering: in summer - once a week, in winter - once a month.

In addition, the leaves must be moistened from time to time using a wet rag or cotton pad. Spraying the plant is optional. It is not recommended to keep zamioculcas in direct sunlight after moisturizing.

What should be the soil

Zamiocalcus can be planted in a ready-made succulent substrate. To prepare the soil in domestic conditions, you need to mix leaf and sod soil in equal proportions, add peat, charcoal.

The soil for growing zamiocalcus should be water and air permeable, loose and have zero acidity. Clay substrate is absolutely unsuitable. The main condition for growing a dollar tree is drainage by at least 25% of the volume.

How to feed zamiokulkas

As fertilizers, special agents are used intended for succulents and cacti. The dosage should be calculated according to the attached instructions. In most cases, the money tree is fertilized at the stage of its growth - from spring to early autumn, 2 times a month. After the onset of a dormant period, feeding is stopped.

The best place in the room for zamiokulkas is the sill of the south window, but it will not wither on the north side. True, with this arrangement, the leaves of the plant will be slightly smaller, and in this case it will need to be watered less often.

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