How To Attach An Album Cover

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How To Attach An Album Cover
How To Attach An Album Cover

Video: How To Attach An Album Cover

Video: How To Attach An Album Cover
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The album cover for drawings or photographs is his face. She should not only be beautiful, but with a unique character. You can emphasize the features of the contents of the album and set its mood using various methods of attaching the cover.

How to attach an album cover
How to attach an album cover


Step 1

The cover, stitched together with the sheets of the album, will last for a very long time. Fold each sheet in half, then insert them into each other. Form an album of the required thickness from such notebooks of 6-10 sheets. Wrap the first and last notebooks in a stack with a thicker sheet of paper or cardboard - it will become the cover.

Step 2

Unfold the first notebook, place it with the front side facing you. Divide the fold into equal segments using a ruler. Mark them with dots. Do the same with the rest of the notebooks. In the places marked with dots, pierce the notebooks through (with an awl or a gypsy needle). Pick up synthetic threads, the thickness of which is equal to the diameter of the puncture. Sew the first notebook with a needle-forward seam from bottom to top. Put the second notebook on the same thread. When you reach the bottom edge, thread the needle through the adjacent stitch in the first notebook. Bind the entire album this way.

Step 3

If you do not want the threads to be visible, put on the cover after the binding is done. Cut it out of a single piece of cardboard, adding a spine width between the front and back halves (add 2 mm to it on each side). Draw the folds of the cover with a blunt hard object so that the cardboard does not break and bend evenly. Apply glue to the first page of the album. Attach the cover to it and smooth from the center to the edges. When the glue is dry, do the same for the back cover. Do not glue the spine.

Step 4

A simpler binding can be created if you have clamps and a drill. Place all the sheets of the album in a stack. Place a stiffer cover on top and bottom. Clamp the stack in clamps, 2 cm away from the edge. Draw a line 1 cm from the edge and divide it into equal segments. Lubricate the spine of the album with glue and spread the pages slightly so that it gets inside.

Step 5

When the glue is dry, drill through the scrapbook in the marked areas. Insert woolen thread or jute cord into the holes. Bind the album over the edge or seam back with a needle. Secure the thread with a knot.

Step 6

Sew a removable cover in a fabric of a pleasant color. Cut it out like the covers used for school textbooks and exercise books. Measure the album when closed - the height and width of the pages and the spine. Cut the rectangular piece according to the parameters. Sew pockets to the edges of such a cover, into which the endpapers will be inserted. For a better hold on the cover, reinforce the scrapbook endpapers with cardboard.

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