How To Recognize A Person By Horoscope

How To Recognize A Person By Horoscope
How To Recognize A Person By Horoscope

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Astrologers claim that all the basic traits of a person's character are laid down at the time of birth. Thus, it is possible to compose a zodiac portrait of even a stranger. Of course, for such an analysis, you will need not only certain information about the object, but also the abilities of a practicing astrologer.

How to recognize a person by horoscope
How to recognize a person by horoscope


Step 1

Find out the exact information about the date of birth of the person for whom the forecast is being made. Please be aware that some people deliberately hide their metrics. So did Stalin and Hitler, who feared the intrigues of the enemy special services. So today, it is not uncommon for users to hide the date of birth on social networks or publish inaccurate data. Therefore, the information obtained should be verified from several sources. The most reliable information about the date of birth can be shared by relatives and friends of a person.

Step 2

Calculate a person's zodiac sign by their date of birth. You can easily find the division into zodiac periods on any specialized site.

Step 3

Learn the general characteristics of your zodiac sign. This information is contained in specialized literature. It can also be found easily on the Internet. But you shouldn't believe the first site you see. It is best to find several sources and compare the characteristics of the zodiac signs with each other. Another good way to check the veracity of a characterization is to read the description of your own zodiac sign. This is how you can accurately find a reliable source of astrological information.

Step 4

Summarize the main points of the characterization, focusing on character description and behavioral psychology. This information is useful for drawing up a general idea of ​​the person.

Step 5

Create a personal astrological horoscope for a person using one of the specialized programs. In choosing a suitable program, you should rely on your own astrological knowledge, since applications are developed for both professionals and amateurs. At the same time, the simplest programs independently compose a zodiacal map, and also provide comprehensive decryptions of the data obtained.

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