How To Make A Stem To A Flower

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How To Make A Stem To A Flower
How To Make A Stem To A Flower

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Artificial flowers are an eternal summer in your home. They will never wither, do not require watering and special care. That is why craftswomen are so fond of creating flowers from a variety of materials - from fabric, beads, paper, plastic and much more. But sometimes it is much more difficult to find a suitable stem for a flower.

How to make a stem to a flower
How to make a stem to a flower


Step 1

Use a small knitting needle to make a fake flower stem. Use pliers to fold one end of the knitting needle into a ring. Attach a flower to it, and close the ring itself with sepals. Wrap the needle in green crepe paper. This method is perhaps the easiest, but remember that flowers with such stems may not look too neat, and it will be difficult to arrange them in a composition.

Step 2

Pick up a wire for making the stem. Its thickness should depend on the size of the flower itself - for large flowers, choose a thicker wire, for small ones - thinner. Try to choose a wire that is strong enough to hold the flower shape, but flexible enough.

Cut the green crepe paper into strips about 5 mm wide. Lubricate your fingers with chalk to prevent the paper from sliding through them. Begin wrapping strips around the stem by grasping the end of the wire and turning it with your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger. Try to wrap tightly and neatly. After wrapping, coat the entire stem with glue.

You can also wrap the wire with cotton wool in the same way, but remember that the wool layer should be very thin.

Step 3

Make a soft stem if your flowers are for decoration. To do this, take a strip of starched fabric 1-2 cm wide, cut obliquely. Curl with your fingers into a tight tube. Make sure that the material does not curl, but curls in parallel. After you have rolled up the entire ribbon, grab the ends and pull to create a long and thin stem. Divide it into pieces of the length you need and attach to the flowers with a needle and thread.

Step 4

Try a somewhat exotic method - cut the stem from a real rose, dry it and tie the artificial flower to it. True, such a stem will turn out to be not flexible at all.

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