How To Make A Flower Arrangement

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How To Make A Flower Arrangement
How To Make A Flower Arrangement

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Floral composition is a fashionable hobby that was once considered an obligatory discipline for noble ladies. Nowadays, it is very pleasant to receive a bouquet made not by the hands of florists from the nearest salon, but invented by a loved one.

How to make a flower arrangement
How to make a flower arrangement

It is necessary

  • - flowers;
  • - floristic sponge;
  • - floristic solution;
  • - basket or pots;
  • - pins.


Step 1

To begin with, it would be good to understand the difference between a bouquet and a floral arrangement. The bouquet consists of cut flowers wrapped in paper, the flower arrangement is attached to a floral sponge. Then the sponge is hidden in a decorative basket, wrapper, pot - as your imagination tells you.

Step 2

To begin with, you need to soak the floristic sponge in a special solution that serves to feed and increase the lifespan of the flowers in your composition. After the sponge is swollen, cut off the piece that you will use in work, otherwise it will be ugly when the edges of the sponge stick out of the planter.

Step 3

If you did not buy a special floristic basket or flowerpot, but made a container from scrap materials, put an oilcloth or foil on the bottom. In the finished pots and baskets, a waterproof layer is already inserted in advance. Now you can put the sponge in the basket and take care of the flowers directly.

Step 4

If you are afraid to miscalculate and choose the wrong plants, give preference to flowers of the same species or genus. Surely you have seen beautiful compositions of roses of various colors. For example, a win-win is a combination of red and white roses. You can take the same amount of both roses and place them in a random order, or make a heart of red roses, surrounding it with white flowers.

Step 5

When composing a composition from flowers belonging to different species, but to the same genus, the composition, for example, can be as follows: begonia, azalea, saintpaulia, hypoestes, coleus. These flowers combine well in all respects: color, height, leaf shape.

Step 6

If you think you have good taste, you can try combining different flowers. After all, now both plants of the same height and compositions with a stepped arrangement of flowers, both loose and dense bouquets, are popular. Experiment and you will surely find a successful combination of plants.

Step 7

If necessary, secure an additional sponge in the basket with corsage pins and start inserting flowers. Your flower arrangement is ready to go to the person being gifted.

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