How To Dress Bowling

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How To Dress Bowling
How To Dress Bowling

Video: How To Dress Bowling

Video: How To Dress Bowling
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Bowling not only relaxes the most insecure people, but can also unite even strangers. During the game, excitement appears, and in order not to spoil all the fun, it is important to choose the right clothes.

How to dress bowling
How to dress bowling

It is necessary

  • - special shoes for bowling;
  • - comfortable clothes.


Step 1

Footwear. You can come to any club. If you are a girl - even with tall stilettos. All the same, you will be given special slippers for the game. The first rule of any bowling club is special shoes for the game. Without them, you will not be allowed to go to the walkway. Usually, the shoes are offered to be rented directly at the club, which is immediately included in the price of the game. But some lovers prefer to buy their own, in case there is no suitable size. The most famous brands of boots offered by the shops are Linds and Dexter.

Step 2

The next step is to decide on the clothes. Do not wear clothing that will interfere with your free movement. Also, avoid choosing a dress for an evening out. It will look out of place in a bowling club. In addition, there you will be offered to change shoes for boots (see above). Instead, opt for comfortable trousers, jeans or shorts. Don't go to extremes and wear a tracksuit.

Step 3

Do not wear fancy, expensive blouses and shirts while bowling. For men, a T-shirt or a plain shirt will work. Women can wear a T-shirt or blouse, which will not be hot, since bowling is a very active game.

Step 4

If you want to achieve a higher level of play, opt for special bowling clothing - polo shirt and slacks. Some people who come to bowling to hone their skills change into these clothes, as they are mandatory in sports bowling tournaments.