How To Find The Blacksmith Of Mammon

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How To Find The Blacksmith Of Mammon
How To Find The Blacksmith Of Mammon

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In Lineage 2, many manipulations with objects, such as adding and removing special abilities, removing bonds and seals of chaos, making high-rank dual weapons, are done by interacting with the NPC "Blacksmith of Mammon". The peculiarity of this NPC is that every 30 minutes it is randomly moved to a new location. After the GoD update, finding the "Blacksmith of Mammon" has become much easier. Now it only spawns in cities.

How to find the blacksmith of mammon
How to find the blacksmith of mammon

It is necessary

  • - Internet connection;
  • - installed client Lineage 2;
  • - an account on the official server;
  • - the character on the account.


Step 1

Start your search for the "Blacksmith of Mammon" in the "Gludin Village". Move to it through the teleport system. From the "Guardian of the Portal", going down the stairs, follow to the west until you hit the wall. On the left will be the "Dark Elf Guild". Turn left 90 °. Walk along the wall until you see the Mammon Smuggler NPC. If the "Blacksmith of Mammon" is not nearby, continue your search.

Step 2

Move to the city "Gludio". From the "Gatekeeper", climb the stairs to the "Temple of Einhasad". Go to the main entrance. Go around the building on the right side. The "blacksmith of Mammon", if there is one in the city, will be located behind the temple.

Step 3

Teleport to "Dion". Follow the nearest (western) gate. When entering the city, turn right and go behind the nearest building. If the "Blacksmith of Mammon" is in "Dion", you will see him.

Step 4

Move to Giran. Cross the town square diagonally. Turn into the archway that opens the passage to the north gate. There is a staircase just behind the arch. To the right of it is the place where you can find the required NPC.

Step 5

Fly to Hein. This city can be conditionally divided into five zones: one central and four peripheral. They are all connected by bridges. Go to the northeastern zone, to the most northern part of it. Check to see if the "Blacksmith of Mammon" is there.

Step 6

From Heine, go to Aden via Giran. Go down the steps to the central square. Cross it and exit the north arch. Without going down the stairs, turn right. There will be a narrow passage between the building wall and the curb. Following it, go around the corner of the building. You will see the Mammon Smuggler NPC. The blacksmith, if he is in Aden, will be there.

Step 7

Go to the "Hunter's Village". On one of the suspension bridges, go through the gorge to the peripheral part of the village (where the guild buildings are located). Reach the "Dark Elf Guild". The desired NPC can be located to the right of the building.

Step 8

Move to Oren. From the "Guardian of the Portal", after going around the warehouse building from either side, go to the opposite part of the city (southwest corner). Check for the Blacksmith of Mammon by the narrow opening between the buildings next to the Warriors Guild.

Step 9

Teleport to the city "Runa". Being near the "Keeper of the Portal", turn to the south and, after going around the nearest corner of the building on the right, exit the city along the road. Drive downhill towards the harbor. Near the harbor, you will see a small building on your left. "The Blacksmith of Mammon" usually appears next to him.

Step 10

After Rune, visit Goddard and Schuttgart. These cities are very similar. Their structure is almost identical, only they are oriented to opposite sides of the world. The "Blacksmith of Mammon" appears in the leftmost part (when viewed from the temple) of the half-ring formed by the space between the outer and inner city walls. In Goddard it is next to the Dark Elf Guild, and in Schuttgart it is next to the Orc Guild.

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