How To Find Out And Change Your Destiny

How To Find Out And Change Your Destiny
How To Find Out And Change Your Destiny

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How to find out and change your destiny - this question worries people who want to build their lives on their own and believe that happiness depends only on them. You should not ask fortune-tellers with such questions - the practicing psychologist Mikhail Efimovich Litvak published a book of the same name. It summarizes the doctor's clinical experience in scenario reprogramming and talks about the influence of maladaptive personality complexes on the fate of people. This book will help you understand yourself and try to achieve the goals that you set in your life.

How to find out and change your destiny
How to find out and change your destiny


Step 1

The author suggests defining a system of values ​​for yourself and putting yourself first, since no one except yourself is capable of re-educating you. Ultimately, your life depends only on you. You must devote your life to yourself and, if done right, it will benefit other people as well. A prerequisite for a correct value system is self-love, from which follows love and respect for other people, regardless of the degree of kinship and position on the hierarchical ladder.

Step 2

A person must live in accordance with the laws of nature, but for this you must study the psychological properties of your personality, which determine your life and destiny. These are the inclinations, abilities, temperament and character. Your fate is determined by the genetic code, on which the first three parameters depend. From the inclinations, abilities are formed and temperament develops. Whether the opportunities laid down from birth will be realized depends only on the person, i.e. from his character.

Step 3

The character of a person in the book is defined as a set of stable forms of the unique properties of each personality, which reflect all the diversity of a person's relationship with the world. This is an attitude towards oneself, towards other people, towards work. If all four of these are positive, it is a mental health and stability complex. Variants with minus values ​​contribute to the development of various psychological complexes that affect character traits: your activity, integrity, firmness, stability and plasticity.

Step 4

The book also gives an answer to the question of how to change your destiny. Since interaction with the world is carried out through speech, this method is the main focus. Having learned to communicate, you can not only get rid of your complexes, but also achieve the goal that you set for yourself.

Step 5

In the apps, you will find guidelines to help you change your relationship with the environment. That part of them, which is intended for the soul, is presented in the form of aphorisms and explanations to them. There are also recommendations for the body - sets of exercises, methods of autogenic training are given. According to the author, the harmonious development of character, mental and physical qualities will help you to purposefully influence the course of life.

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