How To Get Magic Power

How To Get Magic Power
How To Get Magic Power

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Many people dream of having superpowers. In their fantasies, they tame the elements, heal the terminally ill, send terrible curses and heat soup without the aid of a microwave oven. But dreaming, as you know, is not harmful. It is harmful to do nothing to make the dream come true. In order to do great things, like Aleister Crowley, Hermes Trismegistus, Helena Blavatsky and Harry Potter, you should acquire magical powers. Where can I get it? There are several options.

You can get magic power in different ways
You can get magic power in different ways


Step 1

The surest way to get magical power is to inherit it. Find out if any of your relatives, female relatives, or acquaintances are following something strange. For example, the habits of successfully treating hopeless patients, bewitching guys for girls, removing and sending damage or flying in a mortar to Bald Mountain. If a person with magical abilities is found, try to persuade her to give you the Gift. As a rule, a magic gift can be obtained only after the death of the previous owner. So you might have to wait.

Step 2

It is believed that any person has the ability to magic. The main thing is to find a good teacher or develop your gift on your own. Finding a teacher is not easy, or rather impossible. If you are really talented and really need to develop a magical gift, the teacher will find you himself. And it is not a fact that this will be a gray-haired old man who easily materializes fireballs and disperses the clouds with a wave of his hand. You can try to develop your gift on your own. To do this, you will have to read a lot, study a lot, learn to stop internal dialogue, control emotions, concentration and many more of the strangest things.

Step 3

Take up yoga. Moreover, the type does not really matter. Dedicate at least an hour a day to your practice (more is better). Meditate as often as possible. After a few years of practice, siddhi - superpowers will begin to manifest. You will be able to perform real miracles attributed to magicians. True, if you reach in your development the level at which siddhis appear - all these earthly little things like thunder and lightning on the heads of offenders, love spells and dispersal of clouds will hardly be of interest to you.

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