Why Do You Need A White Pencil In Drawing

Why Do You Need A White Pencil In Drawing
Why Do You Need A White Pencil In Drawing

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One of the most puzzling pencils for a novice artist of any age is white. Why is it needed if the color of such a pencil is practically invisible on white paper? But do not immediately write this color to "useless". If used skillfully, it can be a tool for creating very interesting effects!

Why do you need a white pencil in drawing
Why do you need a white pencil in drawing

It is necessary

  • - colour pencils
  • - colored drawing paper


Step 1

Take a sheet of colored paper on which the light shades of the pencils will be clearly visible - for example, dark blue. You should not use colored paper for children's creativity - it is intended mainly for appliqués and other paper crafts. You can buy specialty paper for drawing with colored or pastel pencils at your art store.

Step 2

Choose pencil colors that, like white, will be quite visible on dark paper, and also make up a color combination that is pleasing to the eye with the color of the paper. The color of the paper and your imagination will suggest the theme for your artwork. For example, on a dark blue background, you can depict an evening winter landscape, on a rich green - a fairy forest. White will help you depict snow, sun rays, glare and reflections on water and other surfaces. You can also use a white pencil to create a monochrome composition, that is, containing only one color on a contrasting paper background.

Step 3

When drawing with white pencil on colored paper, you can achieve interesting effects by using feathering. This will help create smooth, semi-transparent transitions between paper and pencil color. As shading, you can use a piece of paper rolled into a tight tube, a cotton swab, or even your own finger. Experiment with different tools and choose the one that works best for you.

Step 4

A white pencil is good for more than just drawing on colored paper. It can be applied over regular pencils to soften and lighten their colors and reduce saturation. Alternatively, if you want a smoother transition between two or more colors, you can also use a white pencil to blend the border between the colors with it. In addition, applying white highlights over the main color - you can give the object depicted in the figure an illusion of volume.

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