What Are The Percussion Instruments

What Are The Percussion Instruments
What Are The Percussion Instruments

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Percussion is one of the most ancient types of musical instruments. The sound is extracted from them by impact. They were also used for primitive religious rites.

What are the percussion instruments
What are the percussion instruments


Step 1

By the type of the sounding body, membranous, lamellar and self-sounding percussion instruments are distinguished. Membranous includes timpani, drums and tambourine. Such instruments have a stretched membrane or membrane as a sounding body.

Step 2

Timpani are a metal instrument in the form of a cauldron, in the upper part of which there is a stretched membrane made of leather. The membrane is secured with a hoop and tensioning screws. There is an opening in the lower part of the boiler, which ensures free vibration of the membrane.

Step 3

Drums are instruments with indeterminate pitch. Orchestral drums, pop drums, tom-tenor, tom-bass, bongos can be distinguished.

Step 4

The drum has a cylindrical body covered with leather on both sides. From big drums, sound is produced with a round-tipped wooden mallet.

Step 5

The drums tom-tenor and tom-bass are used as part of pop drum sets. Bongs are small drums with leather stretched on one side. They are also part of the drum kit.

Step 6

A tambourine is a hoop with leather stretched on one side. The tambourine body has slots with brass plates fixed in them. Sometimes twines with bells hanging on them are also pulled inside the tambourine.

Step 7

Among the plate percussion instruments are xylophones, vibrophones and bells.

Step 8

Xylophone is a set of wooden blocks of various sizes. They are arranged in four rows parallel to each other. The bars are attached with laces and separated by springs.

Step 9

The sound is extracted from the xylophone using two wooden sticks.

Step 10

Metallophones are similar to xylophones, but made of metal instead of wood.

Step 11

Vibraphone - a set of aluminum plates, which are arranged in two rows by analogy with a piano keyboard. The plates are on a high bed and secured with laces. There is a cylinder-shaped resonator under each plate.

Step 12

Axes with fans attached to them pass through the upper part of the resonators. The built-in electric motor rotates them, resulting in vibration. The vibraphone is played with several sticks with rubber balls at the ends.

Step 13

Self-sounding percussion instruments include cymbals, triangles, tam-tams, castanets.

Step 14

Cymbals - discs made of metal, somewhat spherical. When the cymbals hit each other, they produce a sharp, ringing sound.

Step 15

Triangle - a steel rod in the form of an open triangle. Play it with a metal stick.

Step 16

There-there is a bronze disc with curved edges. Play it by hitting the center with a felt-tipped mallet. The sound is deep and thick.

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