How To Play Goro In Mortal Kombat 4

How To Play Goro In Mortal Kombat 4
How To Play Goro In Mortal Kombat 4

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Fighting is, in fact, an extremely monotonous genre, which is a difficult task for any development team to diversify. A large number of characters is a universal remedy for boredom, and therefore developers are always trying to increase their number, adding, in addition, bonus and secret heroes. So in Mortal Kombat 4, among other things, you can play as the legendary Goro for the series.

How to play Goro in Mortal Kombat 4
How to play Goro in Mortal Kombat 4


Step 1

Start the game and go to the single player character selection menu.

Step 2

Navigate to the Hidden button at the bottom of the screen and activate it by pressing the running key. The character selection cursor will disappear but remain active.

Step 3

Choose Shinnok. You need to get to it "blindly" by moving the cursor three times up and once to the left.

Step 4

Complete the game with Shinnok. The peculiarity of this character is that he can turn into any other fighter during the battle - use this advantage. You can press the ESC key, select the item Move list (list of movements) and each round turn into the hero that is easier for you to play. The difficulty level of the passage does not matter - it is enough to complete the game once on Novice in order to unlock access to Goro.

Step 5

Choose Goro. Access to it is carried out in the same way as points 2 and 3: go to the character selection menu, activate the Hidden mode, go to Shinnok. You need to select it using the "Block" key.

Step 6

Goro has his own list of moves, which is quite simple. "Forward, backward + block" - release a stream of medium-range fire; “Forward, forward, backward + high kick” - stomp; "Back, back, high kick" - powerful kick; Down, Down + Block - uppercut; "Forward, forward + block" - a powerful punch.

Step 7

Play defensively. The four-armed giant is extremely motionless, and therefore it is not his prerogative to use jumps and run around the enemy. Try to stay in place and counterattack as often as possible: if you see that the enemy is about to attack, deliver a preemptive "heavy" blow with your hand or foot. If the timing is right, the opponent will be knocked down and open to further attacks.

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