How To Play Mortal Kombat On Sega

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How To Play Mortal Kombat On Sega
How To Play Mortal Kombat On Sega

Video: How To Play Mortal Kombat On Sega

Video: How To Play Mortal Kombat On Sega
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A few years ago, computers were rare, and the younger generation was entertained with consoles. One of the first consoles were "Dandy" and "Sega". "Dandy" was more primitive and the plot of games and graphics, so many chose the second console. The classic Sega game was Mortal Kombat, which gathered a crowd of people around him. Everyone wanted to measure their strength with each other. After so many years, this game also remains popular on this console, in spite of modern computer games.

How to play Mortal Kombat on Sega
How to play Mortal Kombat on Sega


Step 1

Connect a joystick. It will be more convenient to play on the original console or on the Sega emulator with a joystick. This is due to the convenience of the location of the buttons, the combinations of which will be easier to perform with fatalities, super hits, ligaments. The control consists of four movement buttons: up, down, left, right. And six action buttons. Bottom row of buttons A, B, C. It is used when performing basic strokes and ligaments. The top row of X, Y, Z buttons is used for some bundles and fatalities.

Step 2

Start the game. Immediately you need to choose your fighter. Those who are familiar with the mortal kombat universe know how the characters differ. There is no big difference for the gameplay. They all have the same supply of combos and super hits. They differ only in external effects. There are also fighters with benefits. They are usually bosses and are off limits to the player. These are Motaro and Shao Kahn. The sorcerer "Shang Tsung" has the ability to transform into other fighters. For an experienced player, this is a great advantage. The "A" key for all doytsov has the meaning of a punch, the "B" key of a kick. Pressing the "C" key turns on the unit. The rest of the keys are used in combination for combos and chords.

Step 3

After choosing a fighter, you choose a column with fighters. The tournament begins. There are two rounds in total, in which you must win. If you draw, then a third round is given, in which the winner is determined. It is very difficult to kill the enemy with simple hits, so it is necessary to use combos and super hits. Here is some list of players and their punches: Shang Tsung

Combo: Back, Back + X;

Bundle: X, X, A, back + Z;


Combo: Backward, Forward + X;

Bundle: Z, Z, Back + Z;

Fatality: Y, B, Y, Y, C;

Liu Kang

Combo: Forward, Forward + X;

Bike: hold C;

Bundle: X, X, back + A;

Fatality: forward, forward, down, down, S;

Below zero

Combo: Down, Forward + A;

Bundle: X, X, Back + Z;

Fatality: Back, Back, Down, Back, Y.

Fatalities can only be performed after defeating the enemy for the second time. The combination of fatality must be pressed very quickly and then you can enjoy a special way of killing the enemy.