How To Learn To Play Guitar In One Day

How To Learn To Play Guitar In One Day
How To Learn To Play Guitar In One Day

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The skill of the guitarist, like any other, is inevitably associated with experience and spending a lot of time on training. However, even in one day, you can achieve significant success. Of course, you will not become the second Yngwie Malmsteen, but you will be able to achieve something.

How to learn to play guitar in one day
How to learn to play guitar in one day


Step 1

Pick a time of day when your brain works especially well. For most, this is early morning, so early that they will have to study not at home, but in some other place.

Step 2

If the most fruitful time for you begins at six in the morning, and you do not want to wake up your household, find a room in advance. This can be a music school class or a specialized rehearsal room. The second option is more likely, since the work of the base begins around this time. True, in this case you will have to pay for the premises.

Step 3

Tune in to hard work. Do not take anything with you that can distract you, it is even better to turn off your phone. If you are learning with metal strings, finger pain is inevitable on the first day. The more extra things you take with you, the harder it will be to concentrate on the game.

Step 4

Take a tutorial with you, any, you can even download from the Internet and print. But do not try to play everything that is written there in the first day. Chances are, you only need the first ten pages and a few from the back. This should be information about the position of the hands and body during the game, the basic rules and techniques of sound production. In addition, you will need the simplest pieces and several scales of one or two octaves.

Step 5

The set at the rehearsal base lasts 3 hours. After that, be sure to take a break for half an hour to an hour to give your hands and head a rest. After that, resume classes - again at the base or already at home.

Step 6

Still do not try to go through the entire tutorial. Better to repeat the material on the selected pages over and over again. No performer can perform a piece without mistakes the first time, especially a beginner.

Step 7

In the art of music and performance, it is important not only to master the skill, but also to maintain it. The next day, start the lesson again (you can spend less time, an hour or two). Those techniques that were difficult for you the day before will now seem easy. On the contrary, if you give up music for a week or a month, your hands will "forget" what you have learned so hard.

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