How To Learn Touch Typing

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How To Learn Touch Typing
How To Learn Touch Typing

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Touch typing is a common and popular way to work at a computer. With its help, it is possible to save up to 70% of the time spent on typing. This will be useful both for people who work at computers and for ordinary people who maintain their blogs, magazines, etc. on the Internet. Learning this method is quite simple, you just have to make an effort and your desire.

How to learn touch typing
How to learn touch typing


Step 1

To teach the method of touch typing (typing without looking down at the keyboard), use one of the programs specially designed for this. The teacher program will help you place your fingers correctly, and by performing various exercises, you will develop muscle memory and eventually learn to type without looking at the keyboard.

There are a lot of such programs. For example, Milton, Solo, Stamina and others. Choose the program that suits you best.

Step 2

Download and install the program on your computer. Run the program and start mastering it. For example, the Milton program. At startup, open the menu in its upper left corner and select "Keyboard". There you will see the way you place your fingers on the keyboard to start learning.

Step 3

Place your finger on the keyboard (left hand on the keys F, S, B, A; right - O, L, D, F). Start the first exercise. Exercises in this system mean a set of suggested letter combinations, and later, words displayed on the screen. It is important not to be distracted by the keyboard. It will be difficult in the initial stages, but over time you will get used to looking at the screen, and not at the keys. If the habit of lowering your eyes persists, cover the keyboard. For example, a box. It should cover the keyboard, but not interfere with moving your hands under it when typing.

Step 4

Engage in the chosen program every day, going through all the stages of its development. Half an hour a day will help you learn touch typing in a couple of months. To speed up, just lengthen the exercise time.

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