How To Learn To Touch-type

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How To Learn To Touch-type
How To Learn To Touch-type

Video: How To Learn To Touch-type

Video: How To Learn To Touch-type
Video: I Practiced Touch Typing For 30 Days 2023, June

In the age of the Internet and information technology, it is difficult to find people who have never worked on a computer, but despite this, there are many novice users who experience certain difficulties in mastering a computer and its functions. Often such difficulties arise in connection with the speed of typing on the keyboard. Fast touch typing is an extremely useful and valuable skill that will save you time and make your typing process fast and invisible. How can a person who types slowly and uncertainly learn touch typing?

How to learn to touch-type
How to learn to touch-type


Step 1

To begin with, you can download from the Internet any program for training high-speed typing (for example, "Solo on the keyboard"). The disadvantage of these programs is that they require regular classes, and these classes can hardly be called interesting and exciting. You can learn to touch-type much faster and easier if you subdivide your keyboard visually into three horizontal regions - corresponding to the three lines of letter keys.

Step 2

Examine the keyboard - find on the F and J keys (A and O in the Russian layout) points or bumps protruding from the plastic. At first, you can focus on them by determining the location of your fingers on the keyboard.

Step 3

Place the index fingers of both hands on the A and O keys, and place the remaining fingers on the following keys: place the middle, ring and little fingers of the left hand on the B, S and F keys, and place the right middle, ring and little fingers on L, D and G. You will find the Enter and Space keys without any problems by touch - everyone knows their location, and they also have a non-standard size in relation to text keys.

Step 4

Blindly type letter combinations located on the keys you put your fingers on (FYWA and OLDZH). Put a space after each combination without looking at the keyboard. When you feel that these combinations of characters are easy for you, start adding letters that are in close proximity to your combinations on the same horizontal keyboard (for example, P and P).

Step 5

You can reach the Caps Lock key with the little finger of your left hand, and the E key can be reached with the little finger of your right hand.

Step 6

Move to the upper horizontal of the keyboard and practice blindly typing the combinations YTsUK and ГЩШЗ, and then insert the keys between these combinations. On the bottom horizontal line, also type combinations of letters similar to those we talked about above.

Step 7

Continue repeating combinations of the lower and upper contours in different sequences. Start typing slowly - after training, you can speed up your typing. Practice reaching with the little fingers of both hands to the keys with letters located on the edges of the contours - I, Yu, B, Ch, and others. Then learn to fluently insert punctuation marks by holding down the Shift key while inserting them.

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