How To Tie Ballet Flats

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How To Tie Ballet Flats
How To Tie Ballet Flats

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Ballerinas quickly gained popularity all over the world. There are reasons for this, because these are very comfortable shoes that do not deform the foot. In addition, ballet flats, unlike other comfortable shoes, allow the legs to remain feminine. You don't have to part with your favorite shoes even at home. Tie ballerinas instead of slippers. They will be an elegant and cozy addition to your home linen set and will warm you in the cold.

How to tie ballet flats
How to tie ballet flats

It is necessary

  • - 200 grams of coarse yarn;
  • - knitting needles number 3-4;
  • - insole with a rubber base;
  • - glue.


Step 1

Cast on 33 stitches. Work a couple of rows in garter stitch - all stitches in both rows with wrong side. Then divide the knitting into three equal parts of 11 stitches. The part in the middle will be the sole, those on the sides are the sidewalls of the ballet flats. You can leave all knitting on one knitting needle, marking the transitions with threads of a different color so that you do not have to count each time. Knit the sole with garter stitch tightly enough.

Step 2

Knit the sides with satin stitch (one row of front loops, the other purl). You can also knit a simple pattern, such as a flagellum. To do this, knit 3 purl loops on the front side, then two front loops, one purl, two front and again three purl. Work several rows like this, for example, 5, then when you come to the first knit stitches, fold them forward onto a separate knitting needle. Knit to the end of the second knit stitches, and then return again to the ones that were thrown off. The first turn of the harness will turn out. Next, knit five rows again and fold.

Step 3

Knit the length of the fabric equal to the distance from the heel to the end of the big toe. Then cut off the thread, leaving a rather large end, and thread it into the needle. Remove the knitting from the knitting needle and start stringing the loops on the needle from the side opposite the end of the thread. After collecting all the loops, tighten them well. The nose of the ballerina will form.

Step 4

Put the ballerinas on your feet, lay the insoles evenly and drip glue on them in several places. Place your feet flat on the insoles to adhere to form the sole. For secure attachment, after fixing with glue, it is better to sew the insoles to the ballerinas.

Step 5

Decorate your ballerinas with a pom-pom. To do this, cut out a circle with a hole in the middle of thick cardboard. Wrap the threads as tightly as possible, passing them through the hole. The more threads you wind, the more magnificent the pompom will turn out. Then insert the thread through the needle and thread it so that it catches all the threads in the center. Cut the threads along the edges of the circle. Tighten the middle and remove the cardboard. Sew pom-poms to ballerinas.

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