How To Knit A Skirt

How To Knit A Skirt
How To Knit A Skirt

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A knitted skirt is beautiful, stylish and original. You can knit absolutely any model for yourself. Moreover, in most cases, only you will have such a skirt. Even if you don't know how to knit, making a skirt is a great excuse to learn. After all, the product is quite simple in execution.

How to knit a skirt
How to knit a skirt

It is necessary

  • - 550 g of wool, preferably mottled;
  • - knitting needles number 5;
  • - hook number 4, 5;
  • - elastic band.


Step 1

Take a skirt in sizes 44-46 as a basis. If your sizes do not fall within the specified, it's okay. Just add or subtract 10 stitches for each size. Start knitting. Cast on 122 sts and knit a garter stitch (knit 1, purl 2) about 1.5 cm high. This is about three rows. It is best to start knitting with a row of purl loops.

Step 2

Continue knitting with the diamond pattern. The scheme for its implementation is quite simple. the number of loops must be a multiple of 24 + 2 edge loops. The pattern looks like this. Cross the 6 front loops first to the left. This means that you first need to remove 4 loops on the auxiliary knitting needle located before work. Then knit 2 facial, then go back to those on the additional one and knit them. Continue knitting further, creating a pattern in the opposite direction. Cross the 6 knobs to the right. To do this, remove 2 loops on the auxiliary knitting needle located at work, knit 4 knit stitches and deal with those that you have set aside. Knit 30 rows in this way.

Step 3

Once you've finished round 30, continue knitting with a braid pattern. The number of loops should be a multiple of 22 + 2. Knit it in the same way as the pattern of rhombuses. Continue knitting with this pattern 9 rows until row 40. At the same time, when knitting, subtract 10 loops once after 12 rows and 10 loops twice every 20 rows.

Step 4

Now the pearl pattern is also added. It is knitted according to the following pattern: one purl loop, one front loop, shifting the loops after each row. Continue like this. Work the last stitch of the pearl stitch with the next purl in front of the braid along with the purl. Purl the braids after the pattern, knit with 1 loop of the pearl pattern together with the purl. Continue knitting with a pearl pattern until row 86.

Step 5

Move on to knitting the top plank. In the first row, subtract 20 stitches evenly and continue knitting with garter stitch. Knit to a height of 3 cm, then fold. Tie it like this: 1 front row, one purl. Then continue knitting with a garter stitch. Finish knitting at a height of 6 cm from the beginning of the plank. Close knitting. Now all that remains is to assemble the skirt at the seams, insert an elastic band and sew the fold. Tie the belt with garter stitch. Moisten the product. Your skirt is ready.

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