How To Knit A Frill

How To Knit A Frill
How To Knit A Frill

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A frill is a strip of woven or knitted fabric that is pulled together along the upper edge of the product. The result is beautiful wavy folds. This is an easy way to decorate the edges of skirts, dresses, curtains, bedspreads and more. You can knit a frill as part of a one-piece skirt. You can make lush jewelry with both knitting needles and crochet.

How to knit a frill
How to knit a frill

It is necessary

  • - threads;
  • - hook;
  • - knitting needles straight or circular;
  • - additional spoke.


Step 1

Try knitting ruffles. To do this, dial twice as many loops as the edge of the future product requires. In the process of pinching the fabric, your knitting will be reduced by about half.

Step 2

Knit in straight and back rows or on circular needles with a knitted strip of the required height. In the last row, perform successive decreases in loops - knit each pair of thread bows together according to the pattern of the canvas.

Step 3

Close the loops of the last row, attach the finished decorative border to the main product and crochet the edges of the parts. Make a row of single crochets, while the core of the working tool should be inserted simultaneously into the loops of the bottom of the garment and the top of the frill.

Step 4

If the frill is part of a cut, such as a skirt, set the stitches of the first finished hem to an extra knitting needle and sew on a new piece. Its height should be half that of the first frill.

Step 5

When you start to lower the stitches for the second ruffle, join the edges of the two trims. Place the small border over the large one. Now you need to cut the canvas according to the pattern of step number 2, and at the same time connect the edges of the frills.

Step 6

Insert the right knitting needle into two loops of the upper part, then into one loop of the lower frill and knit all three thread bows together. Continue knitting and joining other frills as needed until the skirt is fluffy enough.

Step 7

Practice crocheting ruffles. Usually, wavy relief patterns are knitted against the background of vertical columns. Tie a small piece of linen by alternating double crochet and stitches.

Step 8

Proceed with the frill relief. Insert the shaft of the crochet under the vertical double crochet and complete two of the same crochets. Then knit a new pair of double crochets into an air loop located horizontally between the loops.

Step 9

Thus, make regular crochet transitions from vertical to horizontal lines of the canvas. As a result, a beautiful curved strip - a frill - will appear on the product.

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