How To Spin A Fireball

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How To Spin A Fireball
How To Spin A Fireball

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Fireball is a special practical technique directly related to magical effects, it is an energetic part of magical procedures. In other words, a fireball is a specific method of conducting various magical energies through oneself.

How to spin a fireball
How to spin a fireball


Step 1

Fireball can be divided into two techniques, which differ in the principles of application: direct (Taoist) and reverse circle. This is due to the conduction of energies along the meridians, that is, with bioenergy. If you do not delve into the theory of meridians, then we can say that there are only two main meridians: front and back, forming a ring that runs in the middle of the human body. In addition, there are paired meridians that form a system of lines, which are located parallel to the main ring.

Step 2

There are also energy channels formed by several meridians that run along the arms, and leg channels - several meridians that run along the legs. If all this is presented schematically, then it will turn out: the main ring, spinning in the middle of the body, and channels passing along the arms, which connect with the main ring in the shoulder joint region, and along the legs - in the sacrum region.

Step 3

Now to practice. The basic stance was developed by the Japanese samurai - they were the first to understand how to sit correctly: socks in, knees out. The best option is this: you kind of support the falling sky and at the same time push off the ground.

Step 4

Once you've learned the basic stance, start attracting the energy of the earth. Imagine yourself as a tree with its roots reaching the center of the earth. Through them, warmth rises to you, enters your legs and reaches the sacrum. This is how the energy attracted by you enters the big circle.

Step 5

Close your eyes, press your feet firmly to the floor and feel the warmth you receive. When the sacrum is full of energy, it will flow smoothly further down your body, up your spine to your head, through your neck. Then it will flow through the nose to the chin and, dropping down the chest to the perineum, will again flow into the sacrum. The resulting excess energy will pass through the shoulders into the hands and dump through the palms.

Step 6

Thus, human energy is a cyclical mechanism that constantly sucks energy through the legs and dumps the excess through the palms. Only a small fraction of the existing magical practices is disclosed here, and if you are interested in this topic, then, with some effort, you will find much more extensive information.

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