What Is Creativity

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What Is Creativity
What Is Creativity

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The creative process can have many varieties, but it is always based on the freedom of the creator's personality. Freedom here means the originality and independence of the individual's point of view on the world around him in the process of its transformation.

What is creativity
What is creativity


Step 1

Take a vocabulary of aesthetics and familiarize yourself with creativity. Find out how and by whom the creative process was interpreted in different eras. Determine which main stages of the creative process can be highlighted. Usually it is: - the preparatory period (period of intellectual readiness); - the emergence of prerequisites and reasons for identifying a problem that requires a solution; - identifying the problem; - the emergence of an idea; - the formation of prerequisites and reasons for the formulation of the problem; - the formulation of the problem; - search for a solution - selection of the optimal solution from all possible ones; - creation of a scheme based on the solution; - technical design and consolidation of the found solution.

Step 2

A problem that can be solved with the help of a creative act must be relevant, otherwise the search for its solution may drag on for many years and never lead to any significant result. On the other hand, the decision should be logically justified, even if it came, as it seemed to the creator, spontaneously.

Step 3

A creative person cannot be an amateur by definition, since only professional knowledge, conscious and accepted by an individual, can become the basis for creativity. It is in order to break free from the captivity of stereotyped and already assimilated knowledge that a person can engage in creativity. And when it is not known what exactly requires transformation and how to improve it, the creative act does not make sense.

Step 4

Don't refer to lack of inspiration if you can't create something worthwhile. Inspiration is the same ability to identify a problem and choose the right direction to solve it - nothing more. It is better to pursue professional education in your chosen field. No wonder artists study for at least 10-14 years. Don't listen to the objection that creative people are born, not made. Only daily and systematic work can help develop talent.

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