How To Become A Needlewoman

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How To Become A Needlewoman
How To Become A Needlewoman

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Needlework is a real female hobby. Embroidery or knitting is soothing and relaxing. And the results of creativity will decorate your home and become unusual gifts for loved ones. In specialized stores for beginner needlewomen, you can find ready-made kits for creativity in a variety of techniques.

How to become a needlewoman
How to become a needlewoman

Where to begin?

Decide what you would like to do. Remember what you did best in labor lessons at school - to embroider with satin stitch or cross stitch, crochet or sew.

If you don't have basic skills, start with something rudimentary that is guaranteed to work. Decorate old jeans with applique or lace, decorate the edges of kitchen towels with ready-made braid, decorate ballet flats with glue rhinestones.

If you have no idea what you would like to get carried away, read forums for craftswomen on the Internet. Don't want to knit socks or cross stitch? Patchwork, ribbon embroidery, beading, macrame, felting from felt, kanzashi (making jewelry from fabric for hair) - you will surely find something to your liking.

In fabric and handicraft stores, you can find ready-made kits - from embroidery and patchwork to blanks for decorative pillows and patterns of popular Tilda dolls.

Do not skimp on materials and tools for needlework. It will be very disappointing if the embroidery made with cheap threads fades and the plastic hook breaks at the wrong moment.

Do not use too much yarn, thread or fabric. Limit yourself to the amount you need for one job. If you don't like the process, you will not be sorry to switch to something else.

If you do not have experience, do not take on a difficult project right away - you may not have enough patience, and minor flaws will ruin your mood. But do not buy mini-embroidery for children either - it will be difficult to find an application for the finished work.

Where can I find a teacher?

Ideally, if someone in your family is already (or has done) handicrafts. There will be a good reason to visit your mother or grandmother and ask her to help you understand the intricacies of embroidery, knitting or sewing.

Another easy and convenient option is to find training materials on the Internet. There are plenty of master classes on the net. There are also video tutorials. Join the virtual community of craftswomen. There you can always find proven schemes and ask like-minded people for advice.

But until you understand the intricacies of needlework, you should not download embroidery patterns or patterns from the Internet. There is a danger of finding substandard materials. Then all efforts will be in vain.

Those wishing to comprehend the basics of craftsmanship under the guidance of experienced craftswomen can look for master classes and seminars on needlework in their city. They can be both individual and group. Usually, the cost of such a lesson includes all the necessary material.

Another option is to enroll in an evening club or join the society of local needlewomen. Usually they are organized on the basis of palaces of culture or libraries.

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