How To Become A Successful Article Writer

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How To Become A Successful Article Writer
How To Become A Successful Article Writer

Video: How To Become A Successful Article Writer

Video: How To Become A Successful Article Writer
Video: How to write an Article (Cambridge First, Advanced; Blogs) 2023, December

Working from home on the Internet is becoming more and more in demand and popular. Writing articles can be not only an interesting and rewarding hobby, but also a way out in situations when it is not possible to generate income in other ways. Almost everyone can become a successful author of articles, for this you only need knowledge of the Russian language, competent speech and practice.

how to become an author of articles
how to become an author of articles

It is necessary

  • - personal computer;
  • - Internet access;
  • - text editor;
  • - useful knowledge and experience;
  • - the ability to express thoughts coherently;
  • - good knowledge of the Russian language.


Step 1

Before deciding to become an author of articles, determine your professional suitability. Answer your questions:

- Do you have any useful experience and knowledge that you can share?

- will your articles be of interest to the public?

- can you express your thoughts coherently and competently?

- can you find the information you need?

- do you own a text editor and are you good at typing?

If you answered yes to most of the questions, then you can become a copywriter.

Step 2

Writing an article is half the battle. To make money on it, you need to find a resource for which you can sell it. You can become an author of articles to order and get a job on such exchanges as, You can also sell ready-made texts on these resources. Magazines and newspapers, both print and electronic, may be interested in works, but efforts will need to be made to find them. You can keep your blog, where you will post your articles (for example, on the website and get paid for views. A more complex and time-consuming option is to work with your own thematic site, the income from written articles on which will consist of the sale of links and advertising. Therefore, before you start writing, you should decide on the resource that will become the location of your texts.

Step 3

Decide on the topics you can write about. To become a successful author of articles, you need not only to be well versed in what you will tell the reader, but also to be able to choose a topic that will interest the audience. To check the popularity of a topic on the Internet, you can use the resource. Choose article titles so that they not only interest buyers and readers, but also coincide with popular search queries.

Step 4

Having received the order, be sure to read the terms of reference and comply with all the requirements of the resource on which you want to post the article.

Step 5

After writing the text, be sure to check it for stylistic, punctuation and grammatical errors. A successful article writer should write only literate papers.

Step 6

Learn the basics of search engine optimization. This will help you increase your value in the labor market, and when working with your own website, it will be the minimum necessary to promote the resource on the Internet.

Step 7

Communicate with your customers and readers, answer their questions and comments. Be polite and considerate.

Step 8

Read more. Learn to summarize the text you just read on paper. Practice often. And then, with experience, you can become a successful article writer.