Natalya Varley: Biography, Filmography

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Natalya Varley: Biography, Filmography
Natalya Varley: Biography, Filmography

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Natalya Varley is a national actress of Soviet cinema. Over the years, she has shown herself in various fields of activity. Work in the circus, cinema, theater and television brought Natalia great fame. Natalya Varley - Honored Artist of the USSR

Actress Natalya Varley
Actress Natalya Varley

Biography of Natalia Varley

Natalya Vladimirovna Varley - Honored Artist of Theater and Cinema. Her homeland is the small town of Constanta in Romania. Soon after the birth of Natalia, the whole family moved to the Arctic. Natalia's father, Vladimir Viktorovich Varley, is a sea captain. He was transferred to Murmansk, where the future actress spent her childhood. Mother - Ariadna Sergeevna Senyavina - granddaughter of a hereditary engineer who moved to Russia from France. In addition to her parents, Natalia has a younger sister, Irina Varley. She is a non-professional actress. Irina participates in the productions of amateur theater performances.

Since childhood, Natalia has been engaged in various circles and sections. She attended music and art schools. From the age of four she began to write poetry. Today, Natalia is not only a recognized Soviet actress, but also a singer and poetess.

In the mid-1950s, the whole family moved to Moscow. In the city, the parents took the girl to a circus performance, after which Natalya decided to link her fate with the circus. Unbeknownst to her parents, the girl went to see a circus studio for children. She was accepted. Balancing act becomes the main circus genre for Natalia.

Career in circus and cinema

Natalia received her basic education, and after finishing the 8th grade she applied to the State School of Circus and Variety Arts. In 1965 she graduated from the acrobatic department. Then she worked for two years in a circus troupe on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Natalia prepared programs together with the famous clown Leonid Yengibarov. It was with his help that the girl got into the cinema.

One of L. Yengibarov's good acquaintances was the director of the Odessa Film Studio G.E. Jungvald - Khilkevich. He offered Natalia a role in the film "Formula of the Rainbow", in which the aspiring actress played the role of a nurse. However, Natalia expected great success and popularity after the release of the films "Prisoner of the Caucasus" and "Viy". The Komsomol member Nina, who fell in love with the audience, made Natalia famous throughout the Soviet Union.

Natalia liked acting in films, so she began to develop her acting skills. The girl entered the acting department of the Shchukin School. After graduation, Natalya began to serve at the Stanislavsky Moscow Drama Theater, then moved to the Theater-Studio of the film actor. Her film career began.

Natalya starred in hundreds of films, but remained the beautiful Nina for the Soviet audience. Among the most successful of her works can be noted "12 chairs", "Guest from the future", "Rain", "Seven brides of corporal Sbruev" and many others. Natalia gained immense popularity. The actress left the theater and devoted her life to cinema.

Personal life of Natalia Varley

Natalya Varley was married three times. All three of her marriages ended in divorce. The first husband of the actress was Nikolai Burlyaev. Natasha was 20 years old at the time. All friends and colleagues tried to dissuade Natalia from marriage, but they failed. The couple soon divorced.

In the second marriage, the actress's husband was Vladimir Tikhonov. The marriage lasted 3 months. Natalia has two sons. The father of the eldest son Vasily, according to the actress, was V. Tikhonov. However, he and his second wife denied this statement. The father of the youngest son Alexander Natalia never named. Both Vasily and Alexander chose acting careers. The third marriage of the actress was also unsuccessful.

Natalya Varley with her son
Natalya Varley with her son

Currently, Natalia refuses to shoot, because she does not see the role she needs. However, she continues to appear on television as a presenter or singer.

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