How To Embroider Roses With Ribbons

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How To Embroider Roses With Ribbons
How To Embroider Roses With Ribbons

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Plain thread embroidery is a painstaking task that requires a lot of free time. But there is an opportunity to easily and quickly decorate your clothes and interior items using ribbon embroidery. Objects created from ordinary ribbons on fabric become original volumetric decorations. Almost any interested person can embroider roses with ribbons. Having given this process 30-40 free minutes, you will create a unique designer thing!

How to embroider roses with ribbons
How to embroider roses with ribbons

It is necessary

  • - ribbons for embroidery of petals;
  • - narrow green ribbons for leaves;
  • - base fabric;
  • - a sewing needle with a large wide eye;
  • - embroidery hoop;
  • - floss threads;
  • - scissors.


Step 1

Get everything you need ready. Hoop the base fabric and secure it carefully. Fold the thread of floss in half full length and thread into the needle. It turns out a thread, threaded in two additions. Tie a knot at the end.

Insert the needle into the fabric from the wrong side and bring the needle and thread to the right side. Now sew one long stitch - the needle will go to the wrong side. Return to the start of the stitch and bring the needle to the right of the fabric. Make the same stitch and go back to the beginning. In the same way sew 4 more long stitches from the same center. As a result, you get the semblance of five rays. Be sure to secure the thread well on the wrong side.

Step 2

Now start shaping the petals. Thread the ribbon into the wide-eye needle. Tie a knot at the end. Insert a needle with a ribbon from the wrong side at the very center of the future flower and bring it to the front side. Now pass the needle under the nearest long beam stitch of the warp. Next, slide the tape over the next, second long stitch. After that - under the third, over the fourth and under the fifth. This eliminates the need to insert the needle into the fabric and sew each stitch.

Step 3

On the next circle, drag the tape in the same direction. But now the position is changing relative to the ray stitches. That is, pass the needle over the first ray, under the second, over the third, under the fourth, over the fifth.

In this manner, complete as many circles as required. When the rays of the base are completely hidden under the petals, insert the needle with tape to the wrong side and secure there. Gently melt the ends of the tape with a match to keep the edges from crumbling.

Step 4

Every normal flower has leaves. Therefore, to make it more natural, you can embroider a few leaves around the rose. The leaves are embroidered with a seam from the loops fixed at the top.

Thread a narrow green ribbon into the wide-eyed needle. Form the stalk of the leaf. To do this, insert the needle from the wrong side and sew a long stitch on the front surface, bringing the needle back to the wrong side. Next, bring the needle from the inside out to the front side, piercing the fabric just to the side of the handle. Hold the ribbon with your finger and insert the needle near the puncture site. A loop is formed. Now insert the needle from the wrong side into the inside of the loop and fasten the leaf loop with a small stitch. If everything is done correctly, then the needle should again go to the wrong side. This seam is used to carry out all the planned leaves around the rose embroidered with ribbons.

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