How To Learn To Fly An Airplane

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How To Learn To Fly An Airplane
How To Learn To Fly An Airplane

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From time to time, each person is drawn to the sky. I would like not only to be a passenger of a modern airliner, but to sit at the controls of the plane myself, to feel like a real pilot. Is it difficult to learn how to fly an aircraft? Experts say that mastering the art of piloting is no more difficult than learning to drive a car.

How to learn to fly an airplane
How to learn to fly an airplane


Step 1

In order to master the skills of independent flight, practice is necessary - a certain number of hours, flown first with an instructor, and then independently. Be prepared for at least 500 hours of training in the air. Initial training takes about 42 flight hours.

Step 2

Start training in early spring so that you can go through initial training in early summer and have time to fly on your own until the fall. Plan your time based on the fact that it is optimal to spend 3 hours a week in the air for 4-5 months.

Step 3

To learn the simplest flying skills (takeoff, landing, circle, simple aerobatics, radio communication, etc.), you need to contact any flying club or aviation training center. Many smaller aerodromes also provide training services.

Step 4

If you choose a GA (Civil Aviation) school, then you will have to spend some of your time studying theoretical disciplines: meteorology, aerodynamics, etc. Study materials are provided to the cadet either free of charge or for a small fee.

Step 5

In ROSTO (Russian Defense Sports and Technical Organization) clubs, theoretical materials are usually provided in electronic form for independent study. As a rule, it all depends on the specific club: you will come to the flights, learn something new from the instructor, independently studying the flight operation manual.

Step 6

When choosing a place of training, pay attention to how the flight school positions itself: is it a ROSTO club or a school of Civil Aviation? The ROSTO Club provides you with an approved flight book and a ROSTO pilot-sportsman's license.

The GA school has an agreement with an authorized training center (ATC) and an approved training program. Flight hours are recorded in the flight book and correspond to the type of aircraft for which the school is licensed.

Be sure to ask for familiarization with the program on which you will be trained. It will say who exactly approved it - ROSTO or GA.

Step 7

Upon completion of the training, you will receive the "license" for the plane. There are few differences between licenses issued by ROSTO and Civil Aviation training centers. From the point of view of practical applicability, the GA license will be more useful. After graduation and before obtaining a license, it can take quite a long time - 6-10 months.

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