How To Learn To Fly A Sailboat

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How To Learn To Fly A Sailboat
How To Learn To Fly A Sailboat

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If a person is interested in sailing ships, sooner or later he will have to decide where and how to learn how to sail. This problem is actually very serious, since the sea is a harsh element. She does not forgive those who are not prepared for the voyage. The path to your dream lies through studying at a yachting school and obtaining a license to operate a sailboat.

How to learn to fly a sailboat
How to learn to fly a sailboat

It is necessary

Average level of knowledge of the English language


Step 1

Understand right away that according to the laws of almost all states without special training and a license, it is prohibited to operate a yacht on your own. The first task for a beginner is to obtain an international yacht charter.

Step 2

In addition to many ordinary yacht educational institutions, there are the most authoritative ones, which are in the top three. These are American schools: International Yacht Master Training (IYT), American Sailing Ass (ASA). As well as British training at Royal Yachting Ass (RYA), the system of which has many branches and is unconditionally respected all over the world.

Step 3

Keep in mind that no matter how high the above schools are, they basically teach the same knowledge everywhere, since sailing ships and the sea in all continents are not very different. Only the very peculiarities of teaching differ.

Step 4

First, test your knowledge of English. They should not be at the beginner level, but at least at the intermediate level. English is the international language of radio communications. It is on it that you will have to negotiate with coastal services and port authorities in intercontinental waters.

Step 5

Now choose a yachting school. At the same time, it is not at all necessary to have any experience in sailing on sailboats. You have the opportunity to start a training course from scratch. First you have to become a useful member of the team. (Competent crew). Mastering theory and practice will be the first step towards the goal.

Step 6

In class, familiarize yourself with nautical terminology, sailing safety rules and basic sailing techniques. Also, learn useful sail and rope skills. At the end of the five-day course, there will already be 100 miles of sea sailing and the experience required for a team member. But it is too early to manage the yacht itself.

Step 7

Then go through the next step to getting the title - Day Skipper. For 42 hours of theoretical course, learn the basics of radio exchange, the rules of sea traffic, meteorology and the basics of navigation. This knowledge can be obtained both in full-time and in correspondence form online.

Step 8

Then, in practical exercises, try your skills in sailing a sailing vessel in various weather conditions. For a week's sailing trip, each of the five trainees repeats all the necessary actions after the instructor until they become confident. These are departure and mooring procedures, sail control, etc. Only 200 miles of sea voyage. For the last two days, each student takes the exam, trying himself as a skipper. The mentor only watches over them.

Step 9

Then, subject to successful training, you can get your first license with a skipper qualification. With these rights, you will be able to sail a sailboat up to 24 m long on all international waters, participate in regattas and take your family or friends with you. But that's not all. There are two more steps to achieving excellence in this matter. These courses are more advanced. There you can get the title - coastal skipper. And then the captain.

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