How To Draw A Brownie

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How To Draw A Brownie
How To Draw A Brownie

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Brownie is a mythical very little old man who, according to old Russian legends, lives behind a stove or in a pantry. He helps the hostess in everything and protects the house. You can draw a brownie by following these simple instructions.

How to draw a brownie
How to draw a brownie

It is necessary

paper, pencils, paints, eraser, ruler, pattern


Step 1

Get everything you need ready. Sharpen your pencils, take out paints, a mold, a ruler, an eraser, and paper. Find a drawing that would depict a brownie and print it on a printer. This picture will serve as a visual reference for you.

Step 2

Now you will need to sketch out a sketch of a little stocky man. To do this, use a common artistic technique - draw auxiliary lines.

Step 3

Start by laying out the sheet. Draw one long vertical line. Then draw several ovals of different sizes using a template or a special stencil ruler. As you can see in the picture, the upper small oval will in the subsequent face of our drawn brownie, and the figure under it (in the shape of an egg) will become the body.

Step 4

Determine the level of the lips, nose and eyes and draw auxiliary horizontal lines in these places.

Step 5

Divide the large oval into three approximately equal parts and, as in the first case, draw auxiliary horizontal lines (you should get two lines).

Step 6

Now, as shown in the accompanying picture, sketch out the sleeves and pants. Also mark the area of ​​the waistband of the pants.

Step 7

Then you will need to clear the sketch of the drawing from unnecessary lines. Erase all construction lines and failed attempts.

Step 8

Draw eyes on the face, nose with potatoes, eyebrows, mouth and do not forget about the wrinkles on the forehead, in the corners of the eyes, wrinkled folds on the cheeks. Draw hair (with a parting in the middle of the head), a noble lush mustache and a long beard.

Step 9

Next, start drawing the clothes: a shirt with long sleeves and embroidered cuffs, a vest with sheep trim and pants with a patch on the knee.

Step 10

Last draw the hands and shoes of the brownie (felt boots with galoshes or bast shoes). Trace the outlines and apply shadows. Then, if you wish, you can color the brownie, or you can leave it in a pencil version.

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