How To Win A Naval Battle

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How To Win A Naval Battle
How To Win A Naval Battle

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Everyone probably played sea battle - even in those days when there were no computer and electronic games, you could use an ordinary notebook sheet and a pen to play sea battle with relatives or friends. It would seem that wins and losses in this game are distributed randomly, but in reality there is a tactic of sequential shots that will allow you to win much more often than usual.

How to win a naval battle
How to win a naval battle


Step 1

In Battleship, you place ten ships on your playing field - a four-deck, two three-deck, three two-deck, and four single-deck ships.

Step 2

It is most advantageous to place all ships, except for four single-deck ones, vertically and horizontally along the edges of the field.

Step 3

Place single-deck ships randomly in any free cells of the field - this will make it difficult for the enemy to find them and give you the opportunity to gain time for victory, since your enemy will find multi-deck ships located at the edges of the field rather quickly. The reason for this is that the playing field consists of 100 cells, while six ships will occupy 16 of them.

Step 4

By placing ships at the edges of the field, you will make only a few cells around them inactive when they are hit, while placing a three-deck ship in the center of the field will make 12 inactive cells around it inactive at once, which means that it will narrow down the search for new ships for the enemy.

Step 5

The more active cells for shots the enemy has, the more opportunities you have to knock out his ships with a successful hit.

Step 6

Likewise, by placing a four-deck ship in the center of the field, you lose as many as 14 empty spaces around it. If the ship is placed at the edge of the field, you will lose only 8 cells. Thus, if you add up all the inactive cells remaining from the ships located at the edges, you will get a rather large gain in time and in the number of free fields for the enemy.

Step 7

To win with almost one hundred percent probability, starting the game, shoot into the center of the opponent's field. This will tell you whether he has placed his ships in the center of the field, or is sticking to your tactics.

Step 8

Play consistently - if you hit a ship, go to all of its decks until the ship is sunk. Then proceed to search for another ship.

Step 9

At the very end, sequentially, based on the remaining cells, look for single-deck enemy ships.

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