Which Version Of Minecraft Is The Best

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Which Version Of Minecraft Is The Best
Which Version Of Minecraft Is The Best

Video: Which Version Of Minecraft Is The Best

Video: Which Version Of Minecraft Is The Best
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One of the most popular indie game among gamers, Minecraft has been released in more than a dozen different versions in a relatively short period since its first appearance in the world. Each of them had its own merits, but there were also many bugs - however, the latter were usually fixed in later releases.

Choosing the best of all versions of Minecraft is not easy
Choosing the best of all versions of Minecraft is not easy

It is necessary

  • - installation file for a suitable version of the game
  • - installer for Minecraft Forge


Step 1

If you are no longer new to Minecraft, you have probably tried the gameplay in more than one version of this game. You probably have your own preferences among them. When you just have to master the intricacies of "minecraft", since you have never personally played this "sandbox" before, follow the advice of many more experienced gamers and try to download and install version 1.7.3 Beta on your computer. She, according to the recognition of a considerable number of players, is still considered, if not the best, then one of the clear contenders for such an honorary title.

Step 2

Be sure to install along with the game itself and a special program - Minecraft Forge. Without it, you cannot then add various interesting mods to the game if you have a desire to try them out. After starting the gameplay, enjoy its possibilities. In Minecraft 1.7.3 Beta, they are truly wide. The main thing is that one of the most frequently used mechanisms in this game has been added here - the piston. Use it to create secret doors, traps (they will come in handy when participating in a multiplayer game - to counteract its gryfering participants) and other useful devices.

Step 3

Try to craft such a piston - to do this, take in your inventory a cobblestone, any kind of boards (the type of wood from which they will be made does not even affect the color of the finished product here), redstone dust and iron ingots. You will receive the latter if you burn (with the help of coal) the ore of the corresponding metal in the furnace. Place one such ingot in the center cell of your workbench, place a unit of red dust under it, place four cobblestones on the sides of them, and completely occupy the top row with three blocks of boards. Adding green goo to this mechanism will create a sticky piston. He knows how not only to shift blocks, but also to return them to their place.

Step 4

Take full advantage of the fact that many piston bugs have been fixed in 1.7.3 Beta. For example, by the fact that when the ice blocks are shifted with the help of such mechanisms, the latter no longer cause the occurrence of violent water flows. In addition, you will probably note (if you are familiar with previous versions of the game): the pistons in all positions of any chain now engage normally. However, in connection with the fixing of individual bugs, there are several reasons for disappointment for you. For example, the fact that now, without adding special mods, you will not meet the legendary Herobrin (he was removed by the creators in 1.7.3. Beta).

Step 5

Try to get wool without having to kill your sheep. Just take out the scissors, with which you can easily cut the fleece from the above animals. If you don't have such a useful item in your inventory yet, craft them. To do this, you only need two iron ingots. Place one of them in the center slot of the workbench and the other in its lower left corner. These scissors are designed for almost 240 uses - and after they break, make yourself new ones.