How To Draw Pictures And Letters

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How To Draw Pictures And Letters
How To Draw Pictures And Letters

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Images of signs of the alphabet and objects, the name of which begins with this letter, are often used in educational games for children. You can make such drawings yourself by filling in the outlines of the letter with the texture of the object using the tools of the Photoshop program.

How to draw pictures and letters
How to draw pictures and letters

It is necessary

  • - Photoshop program;
  • - image.


Step 1

Find a suitable picture in one of the free photobanks. So, for the design of the letter "L", a shot with the image of a lemon is suitable. Open the found photo in Photoshop using the Ctrl + O combination. Use the keys Ctrl + J to create a copy of the image and turn off the background layer by clicking on the thumbnail located to the left of it.

Step 2

Write the letter "L" over the image with the lemon using the Horizontal Type Tool. Hold down the Ctrl key and click on the layer with the letter to load the selection. Go back to the layer with the picture and, by clicking on the button Add layer mask ("Add a layer mask"), hide under the mask the whole picture except for the area that was under the letter. Disable the text layer.

Step 3

The lemon peel letter looks too flat. This can be corrected by curving the borders of the mask and drawing highlights with shadows. To edit the mask, select it in the layers palette and slightly displace its borders with the tools of the Liquify filter ("Plastic"), which is enabled by the option from the Filter menu ("Filter").

Step 4

Feather the edges of the mask with the Brush Tool. To do this, set the Hardness parameter in the Brush Tip Shape tab of the brushes palette to about fifty percent. Choose black as the base color and brush over the edges of the white part of the mask with a customized brush.

Step 5

To simulate highlights and shadows, paste two new layers on top of the lemon letter layer using the Ctrl + Shift + N keys. On one of them, paint with a soft brush white stripes over the parts of the letter on which the light should fall. Put a light layer on the letter in Color Dodge mode. To keep the result from looking too rough, reduce the Opacity ("Opacity") of the highlights to forty to fifty percent.

Step 6

Draw shadows in the same way with a black brush. Put them on the letter in the Multiply mode ("Multiplication") and reduce their opacity to ten to fifteen percent.

Step 7

To make the letter even more voluminous, copy it to a new layer. Use the Brightness / Contrast option in the Adjustments group of the Image menu to make the bottom copy of the picture slightly darker than the top one. Move the modified layer relative to the top one towards the side from which you applied the shadows. To move the picture, turn on the Move Tool.

Step 8

You can complement the letter made from lemon skin with a lemon image. To do this, turn on the background layer, copy it and transfer a copy of the image over the layer with the mask. Use the Free Transform option on the Edit menu to make the picture smaller. Use the Lasso Tool ("Lasso") to select the lemon and remove the background under the mask. Disable or delete the layer with the original image.

Step 9

Tool Crop ("Crop") crop the excess areas of the canvas and save the picture with the option Save As ("Save As") of the File menu ("File") in a.jpg" alt="Image

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