How To Engrave On Glass

How To Engrave On Glass
How To Engrave On Glass

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Engraving is the application of a drawing, ornament or inscription manually or mechanically on the surface of various materials: glass, stone, wood or metal. With the help of engraving, you can get a convex or in-depth pattern.

How to engrave on glass
How to engrave on glass

It is necessary

  • - a set for engraving (dozing);
  • - glass surface;
  • - stencil.


Step 1

Prepare the base you will be engraving on. You can use a variety of glasses, flat plates, thick-walled jars, glass plates. For the first work, it is better to refuse to use thin glass.

Step 2

Clean the prepared glass (glass) from possible stickers and wash thoroughly in warm water, removing all dirt, dry.

Step 3

Choose a pattern or ornament to decorate the glass with. If you have artistic ability, use a washable marker to paint the image onto the surface. If you can't draw the pattern yourself, pick up a picture or stencil with a clear outline.

Step 4

Print or transfer the image to paper. Glue the image to the back of the glass with tape.

Step 5

Take the engraving tool and check that the attachment is securely fastened. If this is your first time using this activity, try drawing a few patterns on a piece of plastic or an old disc.

Step 6

Apply the design by gently touching the glass surface with the tool.

Step 7

Try engraving glass with a variety of attachments.

Step 8

Don't start painting a complex painting right away. Hone your skills, starting with transferring simple ornaments, letters, elementary drawings to glass.

Step 9

Polish the image with special attachments.

Step 10

Wash the finished product thoroughly by removing glass dust.

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