How To Make A Bow Tie

How To Make A Bow Tie
How To Make A Bow Tie

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A stylish wardrobe item, a bow tie, can become an element of an elegant suit, highlight your individual style and become a fun decoration at a party. It all depends on the chosen fabric and the design of this product. You must be prepared for the fact that it will attract everyone's attention. If you want to make your own bow tie, do the job as carefully as possible. For a beginner, the easiest option would be a tie with an elastic band.

How to make a bow tie
How to make a bow tie

It is necessary

  • - main fabric;
  • - hot-melt non-woven fabric;
  • - cardboard;
  • - a centimeter, scissors and a pencil for a pattern;
  • - sewing machine;
  • - threads and needles;
  • - iron with gauze lining or steam function;
  • - elastic band and fasteners.


Step 1

Select the material for sewing a bow tie, based on its purpose. For a festive evening, you should choose a fabric of a classic black color, or another calm tone. Make a tie in the same style with a vest, which will cover the free part of the front of the shirt and give your outfit a completeness. For friendly parties and masquerades, any, even the brightest and most challenging, colors of the product are acceptable. The main requirement for the material is a dense structure that allows it to keep its shape well. Use hot-melt non-woven material as a lining.

Step 2

Measure your bow tie pattern and transfer it to a cardboard template. You can try it on in front of a mirror and correct it if necessary. According to the accepted canons, this accessory should not go beyond the outer edges of the shirt collar. Cut out two rectangular pieces along the length and width of the template, leaving small seam allowances along their edges (0.5-1 cm is enough). Make the same rectangles from the backing material (no allowances!).

Step 3

Press the non-woven backing pieces to the wrong side of the main fabric pieces. Folded right sides to each other, sweep parts of the future tie by hand along the allowance line. Then sew a seam on the sewing machine. It is necessary to leave free space in order to then turn the product up "face". Do not extend the line beyond the sewing line, otherwise your tie will look artisanal!

Step 4

Use sharp scissors to cut the corners of the allowances on the quadrangular part, taking care not to damage the seam. Carefully remove the basting thread and turn the product inside out, helping yourself with the blunt side of a pencil. Carefully smooth out any creases and corners.

Step 5

Insert a cardboard template into the garment and iron the bow tie through the moistened gauze, being careful not to press too much on the surface of the fabric. This will make it look more curvaceous. You can use the steaming function. After ironing, remove the cardboard and carefully sew the left hole with a blind stitch.

Step 6

Sew a strip from the base fabric to grip the center of the homemade tie to simulate a knot. Fold it in half, sew around the edges, and turn it inside out. Gently squeeze the middle of the tie and secure the folds with hand stitches. Wrap a strip of linen around them. By the way, you can make it longer and wrap the product in two layers.

Step 7

Sew the ends of the tie “knot” on the back, grabbing the ends of the elastic band of the appropriate color or the hat's elastic band with stitches. All you have to do is find the right fasteners in the hardware store.

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