Retractable Leash: Upgrade The Rig For A Predator

Retractable Leash: Upgrade The Rig For A Predator
Retractable Leash: Upgrade The Rig For A Predator

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Leash fishing is popular in those reservoirs where predatory fish live: pike, pike perch, perch. The tackle with a diverter lead is designed for long-distance casting and fishing at depth.

Fishing with a spinning lead
Fishing with a spinning lead

Retractable leash is a type of fishing tackle used in spinning fishing. Its main purpose is that when fishing with small and not very heavy lures, you can throw the tackle far and fish deep-water areas. And if small lures are weighted down with large jig heads, then this will scare away the fish, therefore the diverter leash is indispensable when fishing with small lures.

Installation of a branch leash

The simplest option is made from a sinker with a swivel, a hook and a piece of fluorocarbon or thick fishing line (at least 0.3 mm). The lead can be round, oval, elongated, or drop-shaped. Ball weights are the most versatile option for long casting.

The length of the leash for the cargo can be different (20-50 cm). The leash for the bait is made longer, the best option is 100-150 cm. The rig is mounted very simply: a hook (regular or offset) is tied to the leash for the bait, and a sinker is attached to the leash for the load. The easiest way is to attach a lead to a swivel. But if in the process of fishing you want to change the weight of the rig, then it is better to fasten a loop at the end of the leash so that you can hook a sinker to it.

Lures for fishing with a diverting line

Most often, lovers of fishing with a diverter rig use twisters, vibrotails, as well as rubber flies, frogs and silicone worms. Silicone baits have different hardness. In bodies of water with strong currents, it is better to use hard baits, and in bodies of water where there is no current, soft baits should be used.

As for the size of the baits, it all depends on the size of the fish. Lures with a length of 20-25 mm are suitable for medium-sized fish, while lures with a length of 50-60 mm or more are suitable for catching large predatory fish.

Parameters such as the shape and color of silicone baits also matter. For example, perch are more attracted to browns and greens. Pike perch draws attention to orange color, while pike is attracted by yellow, light green, orange and golden baits. In terms of shape, silicone worms are the best choice as they fit easily onto any hook.

Going fishing, it is better to take with you a large set of various artificial baits and weights for the lead lead. Then you can experiment, choosing the optimal rig configuration for a specific reservoir.

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