Flea Markets In France

Flea Markets In France
Flea Markets In France

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It is believed that France became the ancestor of flea markets. The first of them appeared in areas located near Paris. These markets owe their name to the traders of old, worn clothes, in which moths and fleas lived. Gradually, the assortment expanded, and they sold not only clothes, but also other goods. It was a real paradise for collectors, tourists and lovers of interesting things for a low price. Actually, France gave the world the very name "flea market".

Flea markets in France
Flea markets in France


The Port de Vanves market is one of the most respectable flea markets in the country. The number of merchants is about three hundred people. The product can be laid out directly on the fabric spread on the ground, but there are also neat layouts. On their counters you can find ceramics, paintings, antique silver, kitchen utensils, various clothes and books. You can visit the market on Saturday and Sunday.

The Saint-Ouen flea market is one of the largest in size on the planet. There are more than 2500 kiosks selling books, paintings, vinyl records, all kinds of souvenirs, original things, clothes and more. Millions of tourists and locals visit the Saint-Ouen market every year.

The history of the Montreuil market goes back about a hundred years. The main thing for this market: low prices and a wide selection of clothing from famous brands. In addition, here you can buy paintings, auto parts, household utensils and some furniture. Port de Clignancourt is one of the largest flea markets in the capital. The date of its appearance is considered to be 1841. Here is a huge selection of antiques. The market is open on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.

The Biron flea market also specializes in antiques. It is one of the city's landmarks and is included in advertising brochures. Verneson, Alligre and Paul-Vert are flea markets where you can buy a variety of souvenirs and gizmos, but there is nothing serious there.

The Malin Flea Market is a place for fashionistas and fashionistas, where you can find outfits typical of the second half of the 20th century. The disadvantage of this market is high prices. An interesting market Montreuil, shrouded in Arabic flavor. Here you can buy dishes, souvenirs, various items and taste oriental sweets.


The Cours Solei food and flower market in Nice is a kind of antique bazaar. Nearly two hundred merchants offer their customers historical goods of very good quality. It is located almost near the center of Old Nice and is open on Mondays from morning until lunchtime.

Annecy (Annecy)

The Annecy Flea Market offers amazing woodwork, furniture, cheese making tools, home cooking tools, cabinets, a variety of chests, fishing tackle, paintings and many amazing knickknacks. The market is open on the last Saturday of every month and is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Annecy.


The town of Villeurban is located on the outskirts of Lyon and is famous for the fact that every Sunday morning there is a flea market for antiques lovers. It attracts four hundred merchants who are ready to offer agricultural trappings, dishes, accessories, copper products, paintings, books and toys. There are goods from the textile industry, as well as the product of local winemakers.


The town of Belfort is located in the province of Franche-Comté. The flea market in it begins its work in the morning on every first Sunday of the month (exception: January, February). Here you can buy things that reflect the soul of the northeastern part of the country, and original souvenirs. Collectors will also be able to take their souls away - on the shelves they sell dolls, dishes, ceramics and glass, and even small furniture.


The flea market in Toulouse is located on the Jules Verne avenue.Its peculiarity is that the goods are sold by the collectors themselves. The prices cannot be called low, but they correspond to the quality of the goods. The Toulouse flea market has a lot of good quality and well-preserved goods. Trading starts on the first Friday of the month and ends on Sunday (exception: October).


On the banks of the Rhone is the small commune of Villeneuve-le-Avignon. It is here that almost a hundred merchants gather every Saturday, whose products largely show the culture and life of Provence. The buyer can take Provencal ceramics, dishes, garden pots, bedspreads, agricultural implements for a small price.


The flea market in the Carpentras district, a place with the unusual name "aircraft parking", boasts a wide range of products and a variety of prices. On Sundays, starting at ten in the morning, a lot of people show up here. The Carpentras flea market is more like a second-hand than a collection or antique market. However, if you want to acquire something unique, there should not be any special difficulties. You should come to the market early, active trading starts from the very opening.


The city is located near the Loire near Paris. There is also a flea market on Boulevard A. Martin, open every Saturday. It happens that sellers simply dump goods into huge boxes. Anything that gets there is very cheap. Old furniture, many agricultural items and kitchen utensils make up the majority of the assortment. Here you can bargain and bring down the price.


Arles is located in Provence on the banks of the Rhone. The flea market on Lis Boulevard is open on the first Wednesday of the month. Its products reflect the history and culture of Provence: ceramics, tableware and original souvenirs.


Ile-sur-la-Sorgue is one of the most picturesque Provencal towns. This place can be called a Mecca for junkers. The once flea market has turned into a real fair where you can buy silverware, antique dishes, weapons, crystal, postcards, sculptures, porcelain, bed linen, sculptures, toys and much more.

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