How To Assemble An Airplane

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How To Assemble An Airplane
How To Assemble An Airplane

Video: How To Assemble An Airplane

Video: How To Assemble An Airplane
Video: Incredible Airbus building & assembling process. Amazing airplane propeller manufacturing. 2023, March

If you dream of seeing the Yak-55 aircraft, but do not have such an opportunity, you can make an original paper model of this aircraft, made at a scale of 1:33. It is not difficult to build a model of the Yak-55 aerobatics aircraft, and for this you only need blueprints, thick cardboard, paper, needles and pins, hard foam, wire and paper clips. In this article, we will introduce you to the method of making an airplane model at home.

How to assemble an airplane
How to assemble an airplane


Step 1

Cut out the parts of the plane from paper and cardboard along the contour and press the folds with a ruler. When making unfolded parts, follow the designations in the drawing that mark the left or right parts, as well as the gluing points.

Step 2

Having fully prepared all the details according to the drawing, proceed to the assembly of the fuselage, which is the basis of the aircraft design. Assemble all cylindrical and conical sections of the fuselage from ready-made reamers using paper strips for gluing.

Step 3

Install a piece of polystyrene in one of the sections and stick the antenna into it. In some sections of the fuselage, according to the drawing, insert frames, cut to the desired size. At the end of the fuselage assembly, attach the oil cooler and branch pipes to it.

Step 4

After assembling the fuselage, make the propeller from the blades and coke. Connect the corresponding parts of the reamer and install two frames inside, glued together and having a hole for the axle. Cover the end of the axis with a cap, gluing its petals.

Step 5

Insert sewing needles or pieces of paper clips with pointed ends into the blade parts. Insert the sharp ends of the screw needles between the frames.

Step 6

With the propeller in place, proceed to shaping the tail of the aircraft, which consists of a stabilizer and a keel.

Step 7

Glue the keel skin part to the frame, and then assemble the stabilizer according to the drawing. Attach the left and right side of the casing with the glued stabilizer parts to it.

Step 8

After that, cut the slots in the details of the wing planes and assemble the two wings. Glue the tail frame to the fuselage and cover the joints with special overlays.

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