How To Draw A Tractor

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How To Draw A Tractor
How To Draw A Tractor

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Vehicle drawings leave the viewer with a sense of dynamics, regardless of whether the vehicle in the drawing is moving or is in a static state. And who has not dreamed of creating a futuristic car or some kind of know-how on paper? Try to reproduce the car yourself on paper and these emotions will become even closer and clearer to you.

How to draw a tractor
How to draw a tractor


Step 1

In order not to get bogged down in dreams, let's start the drawing lesson with a picture of a tractor. Having mastered this technique, you can easily draw any car. Start drawing a tractor with the main thing - its body. Draw a rectangle. Its length will match the length of your tractor. Draw a vertical line down the center of the shape. You have separated the cockpit from the bow. On the right, draw a rectangle that will become the top of the tractor cab.

Step 2

Go to the wheels. The center wheel guide will be the bottom side of your rectangle. The rear wheel in the cockpit area will be larger than the front one. Its radius will be slightly less than the vertical center of the stem. Draw a circle. Place the second wheel with a smaller radius in the second half of the base. Its dimensions should be at least half the size of the rear wheel.

Step 3

Go to the top of the tractor. Draw an oblique line from the top left corner of the rectangle that acts as the cockpit. The angle of inclination will be weak, a couple of degrees, to soften the right angles of the structure. Arc over the rear wheel by arching it. In the rest of the section, draw a trapezoid with a large base, marking the area of ​​the window. Define the edging of the cornices and define the body of the door by adjusting the wedge between the vertical base line and the oblique.

Step 4

Passed halfway. Move on to rounding corners and beveling the tractor parts. Insert decor, such as a radiator grill, separate the rubber on the wheels from the rims, and paint the seat and steering wheel in the cockpit. Line up the arcs above both wheels and leave a little natural play to prevent the rubber from coming close to the body.

Step 5

Using this technique, you can draw a tractor from different angles. Do not forget to place the correct vertical and horizontal accents - guides. And do not forget: measure seven times, cut one. Do not be afraid to redraw low-quality details, and then your drawing will be the best!

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